What is VSU Wireless and how is it different from the previous campus residential and wireless network, HallNet?

Beginning in Fall of 2013, Valdosta State University replaced HallNet, its existing residential and wireless network with VSU Wireless. The reasons for this change include:

  • Easier sign-on process: Once you've signed on, your device is configured to connect without having to do so for the rest of the semester.
  • Automatic configuration on and off campus: Your device settings are configured for VSU Wireless every time you connect to VSU Wireless and then reverted when you connect to off-campus networks. This prevents conflicting settings from affecting your ability to connect.

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Can I setup a wireless network in my university residence hall room?

Setting up network equipment such as routers or access points without coordination with the Division of Information Technology is STRICTLY PROHIBITED by the campus' acceptable use policies. Wireless technology is easy to deploy, but is highly sensitive to overlapping frequencies. In addition, incorrectly configured equipment can disrupt network service for the campus. Finally, open wireless networks can allow unauthorized access to university network resources. For these reasons, IT is charged with managing campus networking technology in a centralized fashion to ensure functionality, maximum bandwidth, and security standards.

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Where is wired ethernet available and what are its benefits?

Wired ethernet is available in the following residence halls: Brown, Centennial, Georgia, Hopper, Lowndes, Patterson and Reade). In most cases, the wired ethernet is faster and more stable than wireless ethernet, though this is more a limitation of the computer or device, rather than the network. For users in these residence halls who are interested in connecting through wired ethernet, cables are available for purchase at the VSU Tech Shop located in the Student Union.

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Does wireless interfere with other devices?

Yes, any 2.4GHz device that is near the wireless access point or wireless card can affect the performance of or even disrupt your network connection. These devices are usually microwave ovens in close range, cordless phones, cameras and other 2.4GHz wireless devices. Other networking equipment, such as routers and access points, can also interfere and so are prohibited by campus acceptable use policy.

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Are guest accounts for the wireless network available?

Guest accounts to access the wireless network are only available to employees of companies or other universities who are on campus due to a business event with a department.

To apply for guest accounts, the associated department must send an official e-mail request on behalf of the guest to helpdesk@valdosta.edu from a Valdosta State University email account. It must include the following information:

  • The guest's name
  • The name of the guest's organization
  • The guest's e-mail address
  • The guest's telephone number
  • The title of the event the guest is attending
  • The location of the event
  • The duration of the event 

Please provide us with this information at least 24-48 hours in advance of your even to the event to give us time to generate these accounts.

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