Welcome to the Technology Purchase Recommendations

This page is designed to provide recommendations for students (or parents of these students) interested in purchasing the computer hardware and software needed to meet their academic needs while taking courses at Valdosta State University.


Information Technology Helpdesk

The Information Technology Helpdesk provides faculty, staff, and students with assistance with VSU electronic accounts, such as e-mail, as well handling the repair of computing equipment owned by the university. While the Helpdesk does not handle sales to students, we have recommendations for:

  • Computer Purchases - Should I buy a desktop or a laptop? Should I buy a PC or a Mac?
  • Peripheral Purchases - What other hardware should I purchase (mice, jump drives, printers, etc.)?
  • Software Purchases - What other software should I purchase (office suite, anti-theft services, etc.)?

VSU Tech Shop

The VSU Tech Shop handles the sale of computing equipment as well as the repair of computing equipment not owned by the university.

If you need advice regarding technology purchases and do not find the information you need within this guide, please review the VSU Tech Shop's website for other recommendations, operating hours, and contact information.