Setting up a RDC

Step 1: Applying for Remote Desktop

The first step to setting up Remote Desktop is to complete, sign, and turn in an application form.

Note: As this form requires a physical signature, we cannot accept electronic copies.


Step 2: Information Security Approval

Once we have received the form, our Information Security branch will review the form and scan the computer for vulnerabilities. After this process is complete, Information Security will notify you that the request has either been approved or denied.

Note: If your request is denied, Information Security will contact you by e-mail to provide you with the reasons why.


Step 3: Office Computer Setup

If the request is approved, Information Security will send a technician to your office to configure your office computer to accept Remote Desktop connections.


Step 4: Home Computer Setup

In addition, if the request is approved, Information Security will send you an e-mail containing:

  • Instructions for setting up Remote Desktop software on your home computer
  • Settings you will need to enter at your home to connect to your office computer
  • An attachment including the software you will need to install on your home computer

The steps for installing the software can likewise be found in our Configuring Your Home Computer for Remote Desktop guide.

Once you have completed these four steps, please move on to our section for Using Remote Desktop Connection to learn how to connect to your office computer from home.