Applying for Remote Desktop

Step 1:

Download and print the Remote Desktop Application Form.

Note: Viewing and printing this document requires Adobe Reader. Get Adobe Reader

Step 2:

Complete the following fields with your own employee information:

shows form

  • Submission Date: Enter today's date.
  • Applicant: Enter your name.
  • Requesting Dept: Enter the name of the department or division you are employed by.
  • Office Phone Number: Enter your office telephone number.
  • Office Location: Enter your office's building and room number.
  • Email Address: Enter your VSU e-mail address.
  • Emergency Number: Enter your home or cell phone number.
  • Inventory Control # (Red VSU Sticker) or IP Address of Office Computer: Enter your 5-digit number listed after IT- on the red Property of Valdosta State University sticker located on your computer. (This sticker can be found on either the top or side of your computer tower.)

shows it sticker on computer

Step 3:

Complete the following fields as directed by the instructions below:

shows form

  • This computer contains sensitive and/or confidential data: If your computer contains any confidential information including, but not limited to, social security numbers, student or staff home addresses, or information regarding the university or department that should not be released to the public, you should select Yes. Otherwise, select No.
  • Type of Sensitive Data: If your previous answer was yes, enter a description of this data into this field (ex. student ID numbers, social security numbers, etc.)
  • This request is being made to support the mission and goals of the institution and/or University System: Select yes if you will be usingRemote Desktop for work purposes only. Otherwise, select No. For more details, please refer to the Mission Statement itself.

Step 4:

Select Yes if you have read and agree to the Acceptable Use policy and the Information Security policy. Select No if you have not read or do not agree to the policies.

shows form

Step 5:

Complete the following fields as directed by the instructions below:

shows form

  • This computer is critical to the mission of department: If computer is critical to the mission of the department Business,
    Continuity and Disaster Recovery methods must be in place and tested.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery measures are in place and tested: Select Yes if you have an additional computer available to use to perform your normal work duties in the case that your office computer becomes disabled or damaged. Otherwise, select No.
  • This computer is backed up on a regular basis: If you back up the mission-critical files on your computer at least once a week, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.
  • Additional assistance is requested for external connections: Information Security will provide you with a list of directions via e-mail when you have been approved for Remote Desktop. If you would like an Information Security representative to contact you by phone to assist you with configuring Remote Desktop on your home computer, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.

Step 6:

You will need to include your signature in the Applicant's Signature field. Likewise, please include today's date in the Date field to the right of the signature.

Your immediate supervisor will need to complete the same procedures in the Immediate Supervisor's Approval field and accompanying Date field.

shows form

Step 7:

After you have completed the form, please forward it by campus mail to Information Security or drop it off at the Information Security office in Pine Hall room 153. If no one is available in Pine Hall room 153, please drop it off by Pine Hall room 154.

Information Security will then begin processing the application.

If the application is approved, Information Security will:

  • Send a technician to your office to enable Remote Desktop on your office computer.
  • Send you an e-mail with instructions for connecting to Remote Desktop.
    • This e-mail will include an attachment containing the software you will need to install in order to connect to Remote Desktop.
  • Contact you by phone, if you placed the requested as per Step 5 of this guide.

If the application is denied, Information Security will:

  • Send you an e-mail with an explanation of the reasons for denial.

If you have problems when trying these instructions please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at 229-245-4357 or send an e-mail Please note that our work request system can only accept emails sent from a VSU email address.