the Helpdesk

Step 1:

If the wi-fi capability on your Android device is enabled, your device will use it as the default method to connect to the Internet. Thus, prior to beginning the process listed below, please open the web browser on your device and verify that you are able to visit web sites that are not affiliated with Valdosta State University, such as Google, Microsoft, or Apples' websites.


Step 2:

Click the Mail icon.

Click Mail


Step 3:

Click the Exchange ActiveSync button.

Note: For some Android devices, this will be replaced by the CorporateSync option.

Click Exchange ActiveSync


Step 4:

Enter the appropriate information into each of the following fields:

  • Email: Enter your entire e-mail address.
  • Password: Enter your e-mail password.

Then, click the Next button.


Enter your Information


Step 5:

Enter the appropriate information into each of the following fields:

  • Email address: Enter your entire e-mail address.
  • Server address: Due to the fact that there are number of variants of Android phones, your server address may vary, but should be one of the following:
  • Domain: Leave this field blank.
  • Username: Enter your entire e-mail address.
    • Note: On some Android devices, you may instead have a Domain\Username: field.
    • If so, enter\<your e-mail address> in the field.
    • Example:\
  • Password: Enter your e-mail password.
  • Mark the checkbox next to This server requires an encrypted SSL connection.

Then, click the Next button.

Enter the Server Address

Step 6:

Choose whether or not you wish to synchronize your mail, contacts, and calendars to your Android phone.

Choose What to Synchronize

Step 7:

Your e-mail account has been configured.

Your e-mail account has been configured


Congratulations! You have successfully setup your e-mail account on Android.

If you have problems when trying these instructions, or if you have other question concerning your Windows Live email account, please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at 229-245-4357 or send an e-mail to the Helpdesk .

Please note that our work request system can only accept emails sent from a VSU email address.