Connecting to Mypages with FileZilla

Step 1:

Double-click the FileZilla Client icon on your desktop.

FileZilla Icon

Step 2:

Log in information will go in the fields located at the top of the FileZilla window.

FileZilla Window

Step 3:

Use the following information to log in:

  • Host:
  • Username: Enter your VSU computer login (Active Directory) username
  • Password: Enter your VSU computer login (Active Directory) password
  • Port: 22

Login Information

Step 4:

Click Quick Connect to connect.

Quick Connect

Step 5:

If prompted, select that you do not wish to save your password.

radio button to not remebr password

Step 6:

If an Unknown Host Key message appears, check the box to always trust host and add key to the cache.

Unknown Host Key

Step 7:

Locate the file you wish to upload and drag and drop the file into the designated area located on the bottom right box of the FileZilla window.

File Drag and Drop

Congratulations! You have successfully connected to Mypages using FileZilla and are ready to start work on your website.