Connecting to Mypages with Dreamweaver 6

Step 1:

Click the Site tab. Then, click New Site in the drop-down menu that appears.

Click Site then New Site

Step 2:

In the Site Name field, enter a brief description of your web site.

Then, in the Local Site Folder field, specify a location on your computer where you would like your web site saved. You can click the folder icon to the right of this field in order to browse available locations on your computer.

Enter a Description and Local Save Location

Step 3:

Click the Servers tab on the left.

Then, click the plus (+) button.

Add a New Server

Step 4:

Fill in the following fields:

  • Server Name: Mypages
  • Connect Using: SFTP
  • SFTP Address:
  • Username: Enter your VSU computer login (Active Directory) username.
  • Password: Enter your VSU computer login (Active Directory) password.
  • Root Directory: Leave this field blank.
  • Web URL: Enter followed by your VSU computer login (Active Directory) username.
    • eg.
After entering your information, click the Test button.

Enter Login Information

Step 5:

Dreamweaver should inform you that your connection was successful. Click the OK button. Then, click the Save button.

Click OK then Save

Step 6:

Finally, click the Save button.

Click Save


Congratulations! You have successfully connected to Mypages using Adobe Dreamweaver 6 and are ready to start work on your website.

Please note that if you are performing these steps in a computer lab, we would strongly recommend to restart the computer when you have finished using it, as Dreamweaver stores connection information.