About Mypages

Mypages Account

The IT Helpdesk offers support for accessing your Mypages accountt using SSH Secure Shell. However, we do not provide assistance for the creation of content to place within your Mypages account.

  • Mypages Guide (Web Version) - This guide provides an overview of the steps necessary to publish content, from determining your user name and password to viewing content that you have published.

Mypages Content

Web Services offers guides for creating content as well as the use of alternative web publishing software.

  • Alternative Web Publishing Software - These guides provide steps to users for connecting to Mypages with a program other than SSH Secure Shell. One software that can be used is Adobe Dreamweaver instead of SSH Secure Shell to publish your web site you can click our Dreamweaver Guide for more information.  If you are a Mac user we recommend FileZilla as a free alternative.
  • Content Development Training - This link to the Atomic Learning page, a program that offers educational institutions access to a complete training library of over 50,000 short, show-and-tell video training tutorials on over 205 of the most common applications which is available to students, faculty, and staff.