These guides are designed to assist you with resolving issues preventing you from accessing Hallnet properly. If the symptom you are encountering is now shown here, please contact the IT Helpdesk for further assistance.

Note: Prior to attempting the steps listed below, we would recommend going through our wireless configuration guide or wired configuration guide, as the steps there correct a number of issues.

Updating your Network Device Some of the university's residence halls have 802.11N, the latest in wireless technology. If you are living in a residence hall, we strongly recommend that you keep the software up to date for the your wired and wireless connection devices installed in your computer in order to ensure that you can connect properly.
Modifying Pop-up Blockers for: After logging into Hallnet, you do not see the pop-up displaying the logout button.
How to Flush DNS Cache When you connect to Hallnet, your web browser displays an error message stating that the domain cannot be found.
Finding your IP Address and MAC Address If you encounter an issue not listed on this page, when seeking assistance from the IT Helpdesk, you may be asked by the representative to provide diagnostic information that can be acquired from the steps in this guide.