What is the VSU Network?

The VSU Network is the Valdosta State University residential network. It allows faculty, staff, and students to connect wirelessly at a number of locations and wired in most of the residence halls. The network is an extension of the wired network infrastructure, which allows increased mobility and flexibility for campus network users.

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Can I setup a wireless network in my University residence hall room?

Setting up wireless 802.11 access points on campus without coordination with IT is PROHIBITED. Wireless technology is easy to deploy, but is highly sensitive to overlapping frequencies. In addition, access points can act as routers or DHCP servers if configured incorrectly, which can disrupt service to other network users. Also, open wireless networks can allow unauthorized access to the University network resources. For these reasons, IT is charged with managing wireless technology on campus in a centralized fashion to ensure functionality, maximum bandwidth, and security standards.

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Where is Wired Ethernet Available and What are its Benefits?

An ethernet connection is available in most residence halls. Although wireless offers a very mobile solution, it is slower, shared, and fundamentally less secure than wired network connections.

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Does wireless interfere with other devices?

Yes, any 2.4GHz device that is near the wireless access point or wireless card can affect the performance and may shut off your network connection. These devices are usually microwave ovens in close range, cordless phones, cameras and other 2.4GHz wireless devices. Other access points can interfere with the VSU wireless network, so it is necessary to coordinate with IT if you wish to set up a wireless access point.

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Are guest accounts for the wireless network available?

Guest accounts to access the wireless network are only available to employees of companies or other universities who are on campus due to a business event with a department.

To apply for guest accounts, the associated department must send an official e-mail request on behalf of the guest to helpdesk@valdosta.edu from a Valdosta State University e-mail account. It must include the following information:

  • The guest's name
  • The name of the guest's organization
  • The guest's e-mail address
  • The guest's telephone number
  • The title of the event the guest is attending
  • The location of the event
  • The duration of the event

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