Welcome to the Campus Print Solution Guides

The Campus Print Solution initiative began in 2007 with the installation of multi-function printers across campus in an effort to provide students with a cost-effective, flexible, and responsible print environment to meet the needs of academic print while minimizing paper and toner waste.

campus printer

About the Solution

  • Implementation - This section discusses the history, goal and benefits of the initiative.
  • Policies and Rates - This section discusses printing costs, refund requests, and other policies related to the initiative.
  • Locations - This section lists locations where Campus Print Solution devices can be found.
  • Printing Issues - You can log into VSU ServiceDesk if you encounter any issues with printing (such as: a message stating that your privilege is unassigned when printing, need for a refund, etc.) to complete a Xerox Printing Incident Report Form.


  • Student Organization Print Form - This form is intended for use by student organizations who are either interested in establishing an account for print credits for their organization or replenishing the credits on an existing student organization print account. Instructions for completing the form are included at the top of the form. You will need Adobe Acrobat in order to open this form.

Printing Instructions

  • Campus Computers - This section provides instructions for users printing from a campus computer. 
  • Copying - This section provides instructions for users to copy.
  • Personal Computers - This section provides instructions for users printing from their own personally-owned PC computers.