Installing Mozilla Firefox (MAC)

Step 1:

Download Mozilla Firefox from our Software section.



Step 2:

The program will download.

An image of the downloads dialogue box for MAC showing Firefox downloaded.


Step 3:

A new window will open.

Click and drag the Firefox icon to the Applications Folder.

An image of the Firefox application dialogue window with the Firefox icon and the MAC application window with both highlighted.


Step 4:

Open Finder.

Then click on Applications.

Firefox will be located within the Applications folder.

An image of the places drop down menu with Applications selected and highlighted.

An image of the applications window with the software listed and the Firefox icon highlighted and selected.



You have successfully installed Mozilla Firefox! If you have an questions or concerns, please contact the Helpdesk at or 229-245-HELP (4357). Please note that our work request system can only accept emails sent from a VSU email address.