Office User Account Creation


These instructions are designed to be used only if:

  • You are an employee of Valdosta State University (including student assistants and graduate assistants)
  • You are applying for an account from a Valdosta State University office computer.

If you are student attending Valdosta State University and are not employed by the university, please use alternate application steps listed here.

Step 1:

Click the OK button.


Note: To apply for an Active Directory account, you will need to make sure you are performing these steps on a computer that has been migrated to Active Directory. If the computer has not been migrated, it will still display the old Novell login screen instead. If this is the case, please use a different computer to create your account.

Step 2:

Enter the following login information and click the OK button.

Username: VSUGuest
Password: guest
Log on to: VSU


Note: Please be patient, as this process may take several minutes.

Step 3:

Double-click the Apply for Desktop Logon Account icon.

Note: Before you can apply for an Active Directory account, you will need to know your BlazeVIEW (Online Course) username and password. If you do not, please use the Self-Service Password Reset Tool to reset your password.

Step 4:

Click the Yes button.

An image of a dialogue box that reads Welcome Desktop Login Creation, Do you have a valid VSU BlazeView account?

Step 5:

Click the OK button.

An image of the dialogue box that says Logging Into Blazeview. You are about to be asked your BlazeView User Name and Password. The following will create your Desktop Account for you - after answering a series of questions. Once complete - you will be logged out. You may then login to the workstation using your BlazeView Username and Password. If you need assistance, please contact Helpdesk for support at x4357. The Okay button is highlighted.


Step 6:

Enter your BlazeVIEW username and click the OK button.

Note: When entering this information, enter the username only, rather than the full e-mail address

Ex. Use janbrady, rather than


A dialogue box reading BlazeView Username that reads Please enter your username you use to login to BlazeView. With the text entry field and the okay button highlighted.

Step 7:

Enter your BlazeVIEW password and click the OK button.

An image of a dialogue box that reads BlazeView Password, Please enter your Blazeview password with the text field and okay button highlighted.

Step 8:

Click the Yes button.

A dialogue box that reads VSU User Information, We found this user: your username, Is this information correct? With the button yes highlighted.


Step 9:

Select the name of your division from the drop-down menu. Bear in mind that this is NOT the same as your department. Then, click the OK button.

Note: If you do not know which division you are employed by, please consult with your department head or department secretary.

A dialogue box that reads College Selection, Please select the Division you are employed by primarily. The drop down menu is highlighted as is the okay button.

Step 10:

Select the name of your department or division from the drop-down menu. Then, click the OK button.


Step 11:

Enter your phone number and click the Submit button.

A dialogue box that reads Office Telephone, Please enter your office number with three text fields highlighted for number insertion and the submit button highlighted.

Step 12:

Enter your title and click the OK button.

A dialogue box reading Employee Title, Please provide the title you'd like for us to have, for example Department Head or Dean. The text field is highlighted as well as the okay button.

Step 13:

Click the OK button. The computer will automatically log off. The next time you log on to a computer, you should be able to log in with your newly created account.

An image of a dialogue box reading Your account is being created, the system will logoff when complete. You may login immediately with your new account using your BlazeView user name and Password. If you have any problems, please contact Helpdesk at x4357. The okay button is highlighted.

If you encounter technical issues when using a Valdosta State University's Active Directory system, please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at 229-245-4357 or send an e-mail to