IT Technician Working on Printer

Welcome to IT CSS

The goal of Client Support Services is to provide the highest level of customer service as it relates to the technical needs of our faculty, staff, and students while responding in a timely manner with quick and courteous service.

To provide examples of the services we provide, please visit the following areas which directly relate to the support of the client.

The goal of the VSU Information Technology Helpdesk is to provide resolution of hardware and software problems in a timely and effective manner.
Every individual who uses information technology, from the experimenter and early adopter to the resister, has questions at one time or another. These problems and questions are often frustrating to solve, particularly where there is confusion about who to call. The VSU Information Technology Helpdesk will provide a single focal point for problem resolution.

The Service Center provide the highest level of end user support for all VSU faculty and staff, specializing in hardware/software upgrades, repair and troubleshooting, including PC’s, Mac’s, Laptops, Printers and other various technology.  We also provide software installation and assistance for the many different pieces of software used throughout the campus, including but not limited to Office 2007, Internet browsers, Calendar Sync, Spyware/malware detection tools, and antivirus.

 The Goal of the Information Technology Technical Support Services is to:

  • Provide immediate and efficient support to campus wide events in a variety of venues
  • Provide in-class assistance to professors and students in modified classrooms
  • Create a technologically and educationally acceptable atmosphere that is open to users of any level of skill

The Information Technology Technical Support Services works each day to accommodate the campus' needs through the use of employees who are dedicated and respectful of their campus and the students they share the university with.

The Training and Communication Department is primarily a unit in place to assist employees with campus site-licensed software and accounts. We provide regularly scheduled training classes each semester.