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Your digital security is our utmost priority. That's why VSU Information Technology will now implement an advanced security method known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) that helps to protect your identity and safeguard sensitive academic and financial information when you log into your MyVSU account. 

With 2FA, you will need to verify your identity by (1) knowing something and (2) possessing something. An example of 2FA in action is when you attempt to login to your MyVSU account, you could be sent a text message to your cell phone (possession) that includes a special access code (knowledge) that must be confirmed before you can log in to your account. With this method, even if someone else knows your password, s/he cannot gain access without knowing the code.

Learn more by viewing the 2FA Overview

Configuring and Using 2FA

  • 2FA Get Started Guide - Step-by-step guide to configure 2FA for the first time, to modify your settings, and to use 2FA when logging into the MyVSU Portal

  • Microsoft Authenticator App from iTunes App Store and Google Play - An optional method that lets you quickly and securely verify your identity online by using your smartphone or tablet device

  • 2FA Self-Service Portal - Allows you to change the following options: method of contact, phone, PIN, security questions/answers, and mobile app activation

  • 2FA FAQs - Answers to frequently asked questions regarding two-factor authentication


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2FA Prompt

Two-factor authentication will be prompted when an employee, including a student employee, is off-campus or using VSU WiFi to do the following:

  • Log into the MyVSU Portal
  • Access VSU email through Outlook 2016 while off-campus
  • Acess VSU email through the Outlook Mobile App while off-campus


  • After the initial 2FA prompt, for some mobile apps such as Office apps, OneDrive, and Outlook App, where the login is cached, you likely will not be prompted to authenticate using 2FA again until you force a logout.

  • After the initial 2FA enrollment phase, 2FA will not be enforced when an employee is connected to a hard-wired computer on campus.

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2FA Implementation Timeline for VSU Employees:

Start Date: January 31, 2017 (Pilot)
  • Information Technology Staff
  • All IT Student Employees
Start Date: February 23, 2017
  • High Priority Targets
  • Financial Services, Human Resources Employees
Start Date: March 13, 2017
  • Expanded High Priority Targets
  • Divisions/Staff Employees (Full and Part-time)
  • Student Employees
  • Retirees
Start Date: April 3, 2017
  • Expanded High Priority Targets
  • Colleges/Faculty Employees (Full and Part-time)
  • Retirees

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