Campus Delivery

Central Delivery Policies Central Delivery Procedures

Central Warehouse Delivery Policies

Central Warehouse Delivery personnel work in unison with Central Receiving, Central Stores, Printing & Coping Services and the Property Inventory Supervisor to meet the delivery needs of the University. Items received at Central Warehouse Receiving, jobs produced in Copying & Printing Services, large items inadvertently sent to Campus Mail Services, and Central Stores items will be handled by the Central Warehouse Delivery Service personnel.

Central Delivery does not deliver personal shipments for University personnel or items that are ordered without a University Purchase Order. The individual ordering items of this nature must be sure to direct the company to ship the items directly to their home or office address. Departments can contact the Central Warehouse Manager at (2533), with any questions about this service.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Central Warehouse Delivery Personnel

It is essential, for these categories of orders, that the departments note the correct delivery address on the original Purchase Services Request to the Business Services Office (5702). The following items are not suitable for delivery:

  • Delivery points outside of Lowndes County.
  • Items designated on the Purchase Order to be delivered to a specific department, which is staffed to perform the receiving duties.
  • Original artwork delivered directly to the gallery or installed in an office.
  • Emergency orders where life or property will be lost or damaged if delivery is delayed.
  • Items ordered on a deliver and install basis, including repair parts installed during repair by a contractor, and rental items.
  • Industrial or scientific gas cylinders.
  • Gravity fed items such as bulk fuel, concrete mix, or fill dirt.
  • Controlled drugs that require delivery to a registered pharmacist.
  • Perishable or live items that require user inspection upon the initial receipt of the item.
  • Subscriptions or other reoccurring services that are most effectively handled by direct mail to the department.
  • Items purchased with petty cash or authorized for check request payment procedures.
  • Advertising where a tear sheet is provided with the invoice and both are mailed directly to the Accounts Payable Office at Valdosta State University, Accounts Payable Office, 1500 N. Patterson Street, Valdosta, GA. 31698.
  • Items received from gifts, donations, surplus property warehouses, or displays for which no University Purchase Order exists.

Delivery personnel will not unpack routine deliveries of office supplies, paper products, forms, etc. Stacking and shelving of delivered materials must be done by each department. A daily schedule has been established to ensure prompt delivery to each department. Although specific times cannot be assigned, every effort will be made to maintain a morning delivery schedule assignment. Routine deliveries will be made Monday through Friday. Expedited handling may be arranged, if a critical need develops, by contacting the Central Warehouse Manager at (2533).

Central Delivery Procedures
  1. Oversized and Bulky Items, and Items to be Assembled and/or Installed by the Supplier:
    Some large, bulky items might not be unloaded at Central Receiving. Instead, will be forwarded directly to the requesting department. If this type of order is being placed, please note handling requirements on the Purchase Order Request. These procedures should be arranged in advance with the supplier and proper receiving procedures should be followed at the delivery site.
  2. Microcomputer and Related Items:
    Microcomputer equipment, software, and peripheral items will be delivered to the Office of Information Technology. That office will be responsible for all inspection, setup, testing, and delivery of the items to the requesting department.
  3. Delivery of Central Warehouse Stores Requests:
    Items ordered from the Central Warehouse Stores by University personnel will be consolidated in the Central Stores receiving area , for delivery to the requesting department. Follow-up action by the department should be directed to the Central Warehouse Storekeeper at (2536).
  4. Items Requiring Special Handling:
    Various live, perishable, sensitive commodities require special processing and expedited service. The Central Warehouse Personnel will take every precaution to protect the commodity being handled and deliver it immediately upon receipt. The requesting department will be notified immediately of any items noted to require controlled temperatures, refrigeration, or any live animals. Classified items will be maintained in a security area under the direct supervision of the Central Warehouse Manager and delivered only to persons authorized on the Purchase Order Request to receive the items. If the authorized person chooses, they can go to the Central Warehouse, North Campus, 204 Pendleton Drive, to get their items.
  5. Inspection of Items Received:
    An item by item final inspection is to be performed by the ordering department. This inspection should be performed within 1 day of receipt. If items are from a Central Stores Request, any problem should be addressed to the Central Warehouse Storekeeper (2536). Problems with Purchase Order items should be addressed by telephone to the Central Receiving Inventory Control Clerk (2535), who will notify the Business Services Office and stop the Receiving Report process. When equipment items received are of a technical nature, the final inspection may be performed either at the Central Warehouse, or at the department. The Central Receiving Inventory Control Clerk will contact the department to determine the inspection point. All materials must be checked within 3 days of receipt and discrepancies reported promptly to the Central Receiving Inventory Control Clerk (2535).
  6. Items Requiring Assembly:
    Assembly, installation, and final inspection are done at the department; department personnel will be responsible for these tasks . If assistance is needed in assembly or installation, contract Plant Operation Work Management (4860 or 7854).