The Move Update standard is a means of reducing the number of mail pieces in a mailing that require forwarding or return by periodic matching of a mailer's address records with customer-filed change-of-address orders received and maintained by the Postal Service.

Who does this affect?
All of us. Mailers who claim presorted (Campus Mail Service processes daily letter correspondence as 1st Class Presort to realize a discount of .026 each.) or automation rates for First-Class and Standard Mail (Non-Profit Mailings are included in Standard Mail). In other words if we are to realize any type of discount on mailings submitted to the Post Office - the addresses used in the mailings - newsletters, catalogs, notices of all types - must be checked against the National Change of Address System.

Why is this happening?
According to the USPS, an estimated 9.7 billion pieces of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail are received every year, costing around $2 billion to process. The new regulation is intended to reduce costs and waste from the undeliverable bulk mail 50% by 2010.

How many cubic feet do you think 9.7 billion pieces of mail is in a land field and this regulation is expected to reduce it by 50?
Please note the statistic is for undeliverable as addressed. Consider the cost of forwarding the mail. This regulation will reduce the amount of mail forwarded since you will get the forwarding address before you mail.

How many times have you received back a piece of mail with a new address on it or undeliverable as addressed?
The cost of printing the piece of mail, time and labor of addressing it, postage, and time in transit for an item to NOT reach the intended recipient is what you save by adhering to this new regulation. And the realization of continued mailing discounts!

Of the mail sent out last year you saved almost $19,000 in postage costs. But did you additionally pay 50¢ each for return address information? Unknown at this address? Moved, left no forwarding? Insufficient Address?
The standard ancillary endorsement "Address Service Requested" has been added to all standard letterhead envelopes due to a past USPS regulation for 1st Class Presort Mailings and you have been receiving address corrections. This new regulation will reduce this cost. "Change Service Requested" is the standard ancillary endorsement for Non-Profit mailings. This new regulation will reduce your cost for these corrections.

What do you need to do?
Call Ron Butler at 259-5031. Prepare to send your mailing lists once every 90 days. And update your database with the new information.

Send your list to for processing. We can accept a variety of formats with the most commonly used one in Excel. If you are unsure please call.

What exactly will I be doing with your list?
I will be using Bulk Mailer5 (list management software) to compare your list with the NCOA system. I will receive back a coded list so you will know which addresses received no changes, which cannot be mailed to, which have had an address change, what the change is, etc...

The process will check two features of your address.

1. Address Quality - is the address deliverable as addressed? Is an Apt number missing? Does it have the wrong ZIP code?

2. Does the recipient still live at the address? The system will check back through the previous 48 months for any change of address for the individual or business, whichever is applicable.

And exactly how long will processing your list take?
Expect a one day turn around. It is our goal to provide you a very prompt turn around time. Once the process is implemented we expect to return your corrected list within the day we receive it, if received in the morning.

USPS Source of information

Need to find a ZIP Code or check an address for accuracy? Find it here.

Still confused?
Call - Ron Butler Ext. 5031