Long Term Disability


Active permanent full-time employees working a minimum of 20 hours weekly, who have met the eligibility waiting period.

Eligibility Waiting Period / When Coverage Begins

You are eligible on your date of hire if you have enrolled on or before that date. 

If you enroll within 31 days after your date of hire, your coverage will be effective on the date you enroll.

If you enroll after this initial 31 day period, you must provide proof of good health and your coverage will be effective on the later of the first of the year following the Annual Enrollment Period or the date your application is approved by Hartford.

If you are absent from work due to a physical or mental condition on the date your insurance or an increase in coverage would otherwise become effective, coverage (or an increase in coverage) will be deferred until the date you have returned to work as an active full-time employee for one full day.

Elimination Period / When LTD Benefits Begins

Employee chooses an elimination period of 90 days or 150 days. Benefits begin the later of the elimination period or the end of any salary continuation period, if salary continuation is elected. You may be totally or partially disabled during the elimination period.

Benefit Percentage / Maximum & Minimum Monthly Benefit:

60%* of your Monthly Rate of Basic Earnings is the maximum the plan pays. 70% is the maximum you can receive if you add this LTD benefit to Other Income Benefits (disability and retirement benefits you are eligible for due to your disability including Social Security benefits to you and your family). The maximum monthly benefit amount is $10,000. The minimum monthly benefit is the greater of $100 or 10% of the benefit before reduction of Other Income Benefits.

Maximum Benefit Duration:

As long as you remain disabled, Long Term Disability benefit payments will continue according to the following schedule:

Monthly Rate of Basic Earnings:

Means your regular monthly rate of pay from the Employer just prior to the date you become disabled, excluding commissions, bonuses, overtime pay or any other fringe benefit or extra compensation.

Definition of Disability:

Disability is defined in The Hartford’s* contract with your employer. Typically, disability means that due to injury, sickness, pregnancy or other medical condition covered by the insurance, during the elimination period you cannot perform one or more of the essential duties of your occupation, and for the 24 months following the elimination period you cannot perform one or more of the essential duties of your occupation, and as a result, your current monthly earnings are 80% or less than of your pre-disability earnings. 

Once you have been disabled for 24 months, you must be prevented from performing one or more of the essential duties of any occupation and as a result, your current monthly earnings are 80% or less than of your pre-disability earnings.

Benefit Cost:

Your premium rate will be based on the Elimination Period you elect and the Retirement Plan in which you are currently participating.

Rates Effective January 1, 2008

90 Day Elimination Period : TRS = $.52 / $100 ORP = $.30 / $100

150 Day Elimination Period : TRS =$.24 / $100 ORP = $.22 / $100

Important Details: The following is an overview of your Long-Term Disability Insurance. Once a group policy is issued to your employer, a Certificate of Insurance will be available to explain your coverage in detail.

Additional Benefits: If you are disabled and receiving a benefit under this policy, the following additional benefits may apply. For more information, see your LTD Certificate of Insurance.

Family Care Credit Benefit – This benefit can be used for any dependent family member, not just children, to help with expenses for their care if you are disabled and participating in an approved rehabilitation program.

Survivor Income Benefit – This benefit is paid to your dependents to help financially ease the transition period if you die.

Workplace Modification Benefit – This benefit assists your employer with expenses for work site adaptations that can help you return to work if you become disabled.


You cannot receive Long-Term Disability benefit payments for disabilities that are caused or contributed to by:

War or act of war (declared or not)

Military service for any country engaged in war or other armed conflict

The commission of, or attempt to commit a felony

An intentionally self-inflicted injury

Any case where your being engaged in an illegal occupation was a contributing cause to your disability

You must be under the regular care of a physician to receive benefits.


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