High Deductible Health Plan

Online resources for the HDHP/HSA plan are now available on the Board of Regents website including:

  • A revised HDHP/PPO/Indemnity Health Benefits Comparison Chart

  • The HDHP Benefits Plan Certificate Booklet

  • Links and instructions for the online Provider Directory

  • Pharmacy Prior Authorization, Step Therapy and Quantity Limitations

To access this information go to: http://www.usg.edu/hr/benefits/health_insurance/

Additional Questions and Answers

Will I pay Fees for an HSA?

Yes, fees were only waived for 2009 participants. Fees will be assigned this year. See the fee info on the HSA site. The seed will more than off-set the fees.

Are generic drugs applicable to the HDHP annual deductible?

Yes, all prescription drugs are applicable.

How do I file a prescription so that it is applied to my deductible?

Present your medical card to the pharmacy (you will not have a Medco Pharmacy card with HDHP) and the pharmacy will file the claims for you. (You might want to verify that the pharmacy is indeed filing the claim as you do not get an automatic Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from BCBS. BCBS did say that they will provide an EOB upon request from the employee. Claim forms can be found on-line for qualified over-the-counter drugs.

Will the pharmacy price be a total cost or a discounted cost?

The amount that will be sent toward your deductible is the discounted amount carried by the pharmacy you choose. Pharmacy costs vary and will be shown when a prescription is filled.

When will the BOR seed for the HSA be placed in employees’ accounts?

The seed will be deposited in January and in July. The exact date has not be determined.

A copy of our payroll deduction form will assist you in identifying what the monthly/biweekly deduction will be.

However, when you elect HDHP, the system will give you the option to contribute to an HSA. The amount you enter is the annual amount.