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OMB Circular A-21

OMB Circular A-133

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Procedures to establish a grant or contract with Valdosta State University Office of Financial Services

  1. The process begins with writing the grant or contract. This is done with the aide of the Office of Sponsored Programs.

  2. The following form has been developed to assist with developing a budget for a grant proposal

  3. Once the grant has been approved and signed by both VSU and the grantor/contractor, a signed copy will be forwarded to the Restricted Funds Accountant by the Office of Sponsored Programs.

  4. The Restricted Funds Accountant and the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs may request a meeting or phone discussion with the PI (Principal Investigator) before a grant account is set up.  After the meeting/discussion, the Restricted Funds Accountant will forward the account information to the PI via email. Please download the Sponsor Review Form here (provides guidelines for grant management).

  5. A grant account will be established after receiving the completely signed contract from the grant agency (Set up will be done within a week of receiving the contract).

We appreciate your assistance in this improvement effort. If you have any questions about the information above or need assistance in establishing a financial tracking system for your grant(s), please contact the Restricted Funds Accountant at

If you have any questions please call or email us using the information below.

Contact Person


Email Address


Shanika Hezekiah

Restricted Funds Accountant



Ann Olphie

Interim Director of Sponsored Programs