2012 ICYC recipients


November 2012 Recipients

Nicole Flannery, Student Health

You are always willing to help me and always have a smile on your face and a GREAT attitude towards work and with life in general. THANK YOU!

Colette Drouillard, Odum Library

Professor Drouillard has provided exceptional service by her willingness to assist whereever she is needed. Her knowledge of Live Text software and her presentation to the MLIS department was valuable and proves she is willing to go above and beyond her call of duty.

Utara Bailey, Student Health

Thank you so much for all your help. You made the process so easy and y'all were incredibly sweet. God Bless

Charlotte Foster, Student Health

Thank you so much for all your help. You made the process so easy and y'all were incredibly sweet. God Bless

Jamae Flint, Financial Services

Ms. Flint was kind enough to investigate a payroll issue for me, involving a student employee. In our telephone conversation I of course vented a bit about the ADP system (who wouldn't, but I'm sure she hears it daily) and she remained pleasant and professional on the phone. Within half an hour Ms. Flint emailed an answer to me-- I appreciated her quick response; she'd immediately gone looking to figure out what was the deal. I sincerely thank Ms. Flint for prompt and courteous service from Payroll.


October 2012 Recipients

Shawn Phippen, Student Recreation Center

During the past two years, I have been dealing with a family situation that has recently escalated to domestic violence. Dr. Phippen has gone above and beyond in his concern, support, and willingness to listen. Knowing that there is at least one person who cares what I am going through and is interested in helping me succeed despite the obstacles has had a real impact. If all my professors were like the one who told me "I don’t care if you choose not to come to class that's up to you" after I was absent dues to being at the police station pressing battery and exposure charges, against my step-father I would probably have dropped put by now. Instead, I have a 3.4 GPA, A's in most of my classes this semester, and believe that if I have a problem, it is worth the effort to try to deal with it.

John Warburg, Creative Design Services

Keith went above and beyond assisting COSA with the design for the Employee Appreciation T-shirts. We had many design changes in order to make sure the design would be acceptable to all. Keith's patience through the process is greatly appreciated by myself and all of COSA. The design turned out outstanding! Thank you for all your efforts.

Thaddeus Blue, Student Health

Thank you! For your great service.

Charlotte Foster, Student Health

Thank you! For your great service.

Theresa Watkins, Student Health

Thank you! For your great service.

Dana Wheeler, Career Services

Student was leaving from an appointment and stated, "Thank you so much! This has been (appointment) the most help I've received on campus to help me with my career decisions

Thaddeus Blue, Student Health

I wanted to thank you for helping me with the Wellness Fair. I also enjoyed (enjoy) talking with you about medications/education. THANK YOU!!!



September 2012 Recipients

Glen, Dining Services

Glen is always smiling and positive, no matter how busy the café gets. Today he was waiting on customers at the register and making all of the food single-handedly for a while. Even with the line, he greeted and acknowledged every new customer with a smile. When help arrived he continued to work quickly and efficiently, giving guidance to the co-worker, and checked in with those of us who were waiting. In this situation it's easy to become frustrated (and let it show), which can frustrate your customers. Glen handled a tough situation and I just really appreciated the positive attitude through it all!

Dixie Milner, 1Card Services

I sent 2 students over to Card1 as both were new students, late Fall acceptance to the University. Our office worked very hard to provide Financial Aid to insure they could attend the Fall 2012 semester. They had been attending classes for two weeks without books. I sent Dixie a request to see if some of their Financial Aid funds could be added to their Flex Account so they could get much needed books; otherwise they would have to wait another week for their excess fund. Kudos to Dixie for making it happen so the students could get their books! Thanks for going that extra mile!

Charlotte Foster, Student Health

Exceptional customer service, very knowledgeable about her job. She made me feel very comfortable. She is definitely an asset to your medical field. Thanks Charlotte.

August 2012 Recipients

Ari, Housing and Residence Life

Ari was very helpful in the move in process. She helped me unload a very full Tahoe while my son was inside taking care of an ID problem. She "magically" appeared when it came time to move everything upstairs. She was calm, cheerful, and she made this year's move in process the very best yet (even with the heat, rain, and the ID problem). She is definitely an asset to VSU.

Amanda King-Spezzo, eLearning

Mrs. King-Spezzo always resolves issues involving GOML students in a very fast and competent way. She really helps make the online learning experience as minimally stressful as possible on our graduate students. She is a person at the university who is always available and doing her job exceptionally.

Kristin Duncan, Student Health

Mrs. Kristen showed great customer service. She assisted me well and made sure I knew everything I need to know before I left.

Kevin Emert, Parking and Transportation

Without Kevin, move-in would not go nearly as well. Kevin works tirelessly to make sure a plan is in place to handle traffic and parking during move-in. This year was the best yet. Props for those mad skills.

Charlotte Foster, Student Health

Charlotte is always friendly and very easy to talk to. I make sure to stop by her office every time I visit.

Hope Gilbert, Plant Operations

The mass media building is looking great! Hope is always a big help for both faculty and students. Thanks!

Sheena Holland, Student Health

Mrs. Sheena showed me great customer service. She was nice and pleasant.

Lynette Lewis, Student Health

When speaking about the situation circumstances I was facing as a senior in my final semester, you assisted me with health services and fees. When others had no for an answer I was directed to you and you created a solution. Thank you so much for being outstanding and assisting me. Thank you for coming and being more than willing to do so again. Thank you for caring.

Linda Most, Master of Library Science Graduate School

Dr. Most is by far the best advisor/mentor I have ever had. She was always prompt, thoughtful, and helpful in her responses to me. She deserves accolades for her dedication and incredible generosity of spirit and intellect.

July 2012 Recipients

Gwen Manning, Financial Aid

Thank you so much for helping me through the financial aid process step by step. I am so grateful for your help and patience and returned calls. I cannot say how much I appreciate you helping my son get his financial aid for college.



June 2012 Recipients

Tim Brunt, Plant Operations

Tim followed up on our AC issues way above the call of duty. He came to our rescue on more than one occasion between March and May of 2012. One day we were hot the next we were cold. Tim handled it with patience and professionalism. Most people I think would have been annoyed by our constant calls, but Tim did a great job and made us feel like everything would be handled and it was! Thank you Tim.

Whit Chappell, Athletics

We were working on the AC on the roof at Cont. Ed in the rain and Whit brought us a Powerade and thanked us for working on the air in the rain.  We want to thank him for thinking of us.

Angela Acosta, Plant Operations

Angela is always patient, courteous and on top of things. We have had so many issues with our AC over the last couple of months and Angela handled all of our complaints quickly, professionally and even sometimes with the best kind of humor, to help me keep my own temper in check when my office was a sweat box. Angela is the best!

Franchesca Geffu, Student Success Center

She was a wonderful teacher. She was thorough and very helpful and made me feel very comfortable when I didn't understand a problem!

Valerie Bayman, Early Childhood and Special Education

Valerie was always polite, kind, helpful and knowledgeable every time I called her for help. Even the sixth time in one day. Thank you, Valerie!


May 2012 Recipients

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

I think that you are a very caring and helpful person, every time I have a problem you are there to help me, no matter how busy you are. Thank you.

Lauren Linahan, Student Success Center

Lauren is an AMAZING tutor for Geology. Without her I would not have passed the class! She is absolutely the best tutor I ever had. She knows her material very well & knows how to break the information down 10x better than the professor! Thanks Lauren, you are truly a blessing!

April 2012 Recipients

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Center

Thanks for being AWESOME every time I come HERE.

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

Team Ms. Marie Hart all the way! As explained in a previous e-mail, Ms. Hart is so caring and I thank her for everything she has done!

Angie Wills and Charlotte Foster,
Student Health Center

Charlotte asked Angie if they could make an exception for me since I am obviously sick. They were wonderful helping me out when I felt terrible. They rock.

Steve Haineault, Plant Operations

Several times water has leaked into my office from the AC condensation drain. Upon being notified of this issue Steve sought to find and correct the root cause, cleaned the drain then when this did not solve the issue long term worked in the rain outside to replace the drain pipe instead of delaying the issue for another day. THANKS

Chris Harrison, Odum Library

Chris was awesome helping me navigate through the Library as it was my first time checking out a book. He was efficient, kind, and personable and it was such a pleasure working with him. He made me feel like he genuinely cared about my needs.

Deborah Davis, Odum Library

Ms. Deborah Davis is absolutely positively the most helpful, CARING instructor in the VSU Library. She is very flexible to help the students, and also she has great passion for her job. I love her :)

Rex Devane, Media Services

I had over a dozen students use the media center to help put together their presentations for the campus wide Undergraduate Research symposium. Rex and the rest of the media center were outstanding in their service and their level of expertise in helping each and everyone of them in a professional and prompt manner.

Jeffrie Shipley, Decision Center

Mr. Jeffrie Shipley got on the bus with me and help me out when: was not feeling well and stayed with me until someone came to get me. Thank you Mr. Shipley for your help and support.

Kia Powell, Decision Center

Thank you for your help and support, I really appreciate all your concerns for me.

March 2012 Recipients

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Center

For being very patient when the office was close to being closed. Thanks again!

Hilda Spell, Student Health Center

Thank you for making me comfortable and taking such great care of me. The next time I'm here I'm excited about the care I'll be getting!

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Center

Thank you for always being so nice and HELPFUL to me when I check out! You're always so smiley and energetic and it makes me happier. You're the best!

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

I am a Georgia On My Line graduate student and I live north of Atlanta. Marie was very helpful. She answered all my questions and truly went the extra mile. Because I am not "on campus" or close enough to Valdosta to visit the office in person, it was so great to have Marie there to help me via e-mail, phone, and fax! Thanks Marie for all your help!!

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

Financial Aid counselor Marie Hart was wonderful!!! She gave me valuable information concerning Stafford and plus loans that I had no idea existed. Her attitude was very pleasant and she answered all of my questions in a manner that I could understand. I have never had such an experience from a financial aid counselor in the 4 years that I have attended VSU. Mrs. Marie Hart, we need more people like you to help us students because we really don't always know what to ask when calling the financial aid office. It was nice to speak with someone that didn’t seem as if I was a bother to ask for their service. Thank you so much and I will be calling you directly if another problem occurs.

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Center

Thank you for being so lively and sweet. By the time I got to the desk everything was taken care of. I even got a bag since I can't carry everything because of my sling.

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

I appreciate Ms. Hart for professional advice. She was so welcoming and helpful. Her caring spirit was an eye opener compared to the university I last attended. I am currently a register at a high school. Professionals like Ms. Hart with a remarkable attitude and a pleasing charisma inspire me to continue to exemplify the same customer service. Thank you!

February 2012 Recipients

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Center

Thank you for giving exceptional service by always being positive and awesome when I come in for allergy each week! You always have a smile on your face and something nice to say. I greatly appreciate all of the times that you've helped me work through financial stuff, and still do. You are one of my favorite employees at the health center.

Kim Rasmussen, Student Health Center

Thank you for giving exceptional service by being an awesome nurse as I come in for allergy each week! I feel like I pretty much share my whole life story with you each week and always make great conversation. It's nice to come in each week to a nurse and friend. Keep up the awesome work!

Elizabeth Dill, eLearning

Elizabeth, You did a great job at the conference. Another project/presentation for your C.V. Thank you for bringing the conference into the 21st century!

Jeremy Mohrfeld, eLearning

Jeremy, thank you for all the work during the conference. It would not have been a success without your help. We (eLearning) are fortunate to have you!

Rafiah Jenkins, eLearning

Thank you Rafiah for being a part of eLearning and assisting during the conference. What you do is always professional and greatly appreciated.

Alicia Wong, eLearning

Welcome to eLearning! Thank you Alicia for your help during the conference. The committee appreciates all your hard work!

Mary Warthen, eLearning

Mary-Welcome to eLearning. I appreciate all your help during the conference! Thank you so much!

Miguel Pena, eLearning

Thank you Miguel for all your hard work during the conference.

Candus Knapp, eLearning

Candus-you went above & beyond. I would not have made it without you during and prior to the conference.

Josh Lim, eLearning

Josh went above and beyond his daily work to make the conference a success!

Dana Hudson, eLearning

Dana-Thank you for coming aboard to eLearning. I appreciate you helping to make the conference a success!

Namrata Villiat, eLearning

Thank you Namrata for all your assistance during the conference! I appreciate you making it a success.

Lisa Baldwin, Information Technology

Thanks for all the support that you provide to your staff. You are truly an exceptional person and all of your hard work and effort has not gone unnoticed. You are always putting others before yourself and I wanted to say thank you for all that you do to keep VSU up and running.

Lisa Baldwin, Information Technology

Lisa has been an amazing Director this year for my team and I. Her leadership has allowed creativity within the department that has led to vast improvements in services provided to the Campus. She has also provided training to coordinators to increase project management skills that will benefit the University for years to come.

Lisa Baldwin, Information Technology

Lisa's "can do" attitude and pleasant demeanor make coming to work a pleasure. She always takes time to see about her employees' needs and wants, in spite of her responsibilities which usually exceed normal business hours.

Sterlin Sanders, Information Technology

Mr. Sterlin installed new computers for our entire office this morning. He was diligent, fast and extremely professional. We enjoyed his presence in our office. Not only did he do his job well, but I absently forgot to save an item that I needed on my desktop and he saved it for me and I still have access to it :) He saved me the headache of having to call and have it reinstalled and explain to my boss why this was not done to begin with. My office was left just as I had left it. Everything was in its original place and I greatly appreciate that in a small work space; it can get very frustrating when things are moved or misplaced by others. Sanders you are awesome! Thank you again.

Lisa Baldwin, Information Technology

Lisa is always taking an interest in the various projects that are going on in EAS and is always trying to put the needs first. Lisa always cares about her staff and the people that we work for to further the mission of the University. She is also always willing to share her own experience and information to help everyone do a better job serving the campus.

Lisa Baldwin, Information Technology

She is one of the most caring supervisors you could ask for. She took time out of her very busy schedule to mentor me and help me grow. She always has time for her employees no matter how busy she may be. She is a wonderful supervisor and deserves to be recognized.

Lisa Baldwin, Information Technology

Thanks for all that you've been doing! You've been a big help, and I know you can do it! :)

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Center

In recognition for her quick response by being proactive and clearing the waiting room for a recent medical emergency.

Lisa Baldwin, Information Technology

Going above and beyond with ample projects and a time constraint.

Ben Li & Corey Wasley, 
Information Technology

The time they committed and the personal attentions they gave me and my problem was exemplary. They made me feel that my problem was the only problem in the entire University and they were going to fix it no matter what. And...they kept the help desk running and still assisted others with help requests. Great customer service on your staff's part.

Johnnie Lamb & Margie Thompson, 
Financial Services

Johnnie and Margie ensured that students who had out-of-pocket expenses for the Spectator's trip to Athens for our Georgia College Press Association Better Newspaper Contest received timely reimbursement. Students live from paycheck to paycheck, so a delay for them would be serious. I know the Spectator creates special challenges for Financial Services, but Johnnie and Margie made sure students were taken care of.

Ron Tomberlin, Student Health Center

Mr. Ron treated me so well while getting my shot. He was very funny and he made my experience even better. Thank you so much Ron.

January 2012 Recipients

Brian Shanken, Student Success Center

Brian is the best math tutor ever.  Thank you for helping me pass Calculus with a letter grade higher than expected!

Nicole Walden, Student Health Center

Thank you for being a great nurse, best experience I've had at VSU.

Lynette Lewis, Student Health Center

Thank you for all of ya'll help when I had a very bad allergic reaction.  When my throat closed up ya'll took care of me.  And not only through that situation, I am always greeted and feel welcome every time I step into this place.  God bless you all and thanks for everything.

Anita Ondrusek, Master of Library Science Graduate School

Dr. Ondrusek made time in her day and went personally to Ben Li, I.T. Help Desk Coordinator, to explain a particularly complicated computer issue. Because she did this for me, I was able to use my computer for 2 months.

Colt Smith, University Police

During a very stressful interaction between myself and a student, Officer Smith provided security along with his colleagues: Officer Doutt and Sgt Maestas.  Officer Smith made sure I was able to exit the room safely, remained with me as I spoke with EMS, checked on my state of well-being, and made sure I was not alone when leaving the building.  His caring and professionalism were much appreciated and I believe he is a role model for others in law enforcement on campus.

Eric Jackson, Information Technology

Helping us at the last minute on Saturday morning by creating extra log ins for the MLIS orientation BlazeView site when you walked in the door.

Vince Spezzo, Information Technology

Helping the MLIS department at the last minute when we needed to build an orientation BlazeView shell.

Ginger Williams, Odum Library

Always being willing to help with MLIS new student orientation on Saturdays! And for being willing to partner with the course instructors and for being such a great role model for our future librarians.

Ben Li, Information Technology

Going above and beyond during the MLIS new student orientation and staying on to provide the extra one to one help for the student with special needs!

Marie Hart, Financial Aid

Thank you for taking the opportunity to assist a former VSU student who just transferred to another institution for the 2012 spring semester.  The information you provided was very helpful and detailed.  We will miss you and hopefully one day she can return to VSU.  Have a great spring!

Nicole Bishop, Student Health Center

Thank you for great service.  You were such a help to me.  Thank you.

Charlotte Foster, Student Health Center

Being encouraging, making me feel amazing after my appointment.  You made my day.

Debbie Regan, Student Health Center

Thank you for making every visit enjoyable.  You are by far the best doctor I have had.

Gail Terry, Student Health Center

Mrs. Terry went out of her way to make sure I feel better from the stomach virus. She packed me a bag with bottles of powerade, soup, and crackers. It was very thoughtful!

Dr. Edwin Hiatt, Student Health Center

Dr. Hiatt has been an excellent physician the past year that I have been seeing him.

Corey Wasley and David Mahrfeld, Information Technology

I had a major disk problem and they were so helpful, polite, reassuring (I was in a state of panic), and efficient. They did great work (diagnosed and fixed the situation) and a great job of providing service.