FAQ Walking Club Challenge

What if walking is not a good form of exercise for me, can I still participate?
Yes. The goal of this contest is to promote exercise and good health. Other approved alternatives to walking include the following:

1. Gym equipment that calculates miles such as bikes, stair master, etc.

2. Swimming laps in a pool. One mile is equal to 1760 yards. If you swim one lap in the SRC pool which is 25 yards long that is 50 yards. 1760 yards divided by 50 yards is 35.2 laps in the SRC pool. This would be one mile. If the pool is a different size or you swim more than this you can use the conversions listed above.

3. A bike odometer can be used for wheelchairs. The odometer can be used in place of a pedometer.

If you do not see an alternative listed above that works for you, anyone who is unable to walk due to a certified medical disability may set up special fitness related alternative method(s) to complete drawing requirements. The Wellness Committee will determine this alternative method in conjunction with appropriate medical advisors.

How can I find out how I am doing?
A bi-weekly chart will be updated on our web site that shows challenge participants progress.

How do I record my miles?
This should be done every Friday for the miles walked that week. Click here to access the online database. Only miles walked between the challenge dates will be counted toward completion of the 200 miles required to be entered into the drawings for additional prizes. Only miles recorded in the Walking Club database will be counted for this challenge. Miles may be subject to verification. It is always good to keep your own hard copy of the miles you entered just in case of technology failure. If you do not have access to a computer, you can arrange with a staff member in Employee Development to use their computer to enter your miles, or use a computer lab on campus.

What if my login is not working?
You can contact the Challenge Coordinator Korea Black 229/259-5105 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.