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VSU Walking Club

2015 Spring Challenge

Congratulations to our Spring Challenge achievers. View final results by clicking on the link below.


About the program

Join faculty, staff, students and retirees across campus as we increase our exercise levels!

This spring we have the Walk Across Georgia Virtual Walk. This challenge kicks off on Monday, March 2 and ends Tuesday, May 5 at midnight. The ultimate goal is to achieve 200 miles or more. Entry fee is $5.00 payable with cash or check made out to the VSU Foundation. You will receive a pedometer and a exercise towel just by joining the challenge. Prizes are achieved at the following levels:

You may pick up your prizes as they are achieved or elect to have them sent through campus mail.


STEP 1: Sign up for your virtual destination by clicking on this link. There are five options for walking destinations. Click on the PDF to see where you are with your virtual tour.

  • Valdosta-Augusta, GA - PDF
  • Valdosta-Mexico Beach, Fl -  PDF
  • Valdosta-Warm Springs, GA -  PDF
  • Valdosta-Savannah, GA -  PDF
  • Valdosta- Stone Mountain, GAPDF

STEP 2: Become a member of the walking club by enrolling online  so that you can report your miles.

STEP 3: Once you enroll, you will need to turn in your signed wavier (click on the release form for downloadable file) Release Form and bring to the VSU Employee and Organizational Development office in the University Center- North, Rm. 3103 along with your payment.

STEP 4: Starting Monday, March 2, begin tracking your miles with the pedometer or other device of your choice. Walking, running, biking, swimming, and any other form of exercise where miles can be tracked count toward your goal of 200 miles!

Use our online database to update your miles daily or by the end of each week. Even walking around campus to and from buildings and parking lots can count toward your miles for that day. Use this link to find out distance between buildings and parking lots on campus in terms of feet. There are 5280 feet in one mile.

 Thank you to our current prize sponsors!

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Still have questions?
Check out our FAQ page!

Possible Walking Locations

We have walking areas identified for your use with distance already calculated for you. These are:

  • Perimeter of Main campus (i.e. Magic Square) = 1 mile
  • Azalea City Trail from Drexel Park (Williams Street) to the end of the COE Parking lot (Sustella Street) =.951 of a mile.
  • Middle School track = four times around is 1 mile
  • PE Complex track = 7 times around using second lane is 1 mile

You do not have to use these designated areas for your walking to count. Walking in your neighborhood or other locations is fine.

Fitness Tips:

Here are a few websites with valuable information about getting into shape.

Beginning a walking/Running Program


Walking Injuries and Prevention