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Thanks to all who participated in the 2013 Active for Life! Of the 209 participants, 60 percent obtained 90 percent or higher goal attainment over the 10-week period.

90% or Higher Goal Attainment

Name of Winner Prize
Denise Montgomery $5 off Moe's
Jan Packler $5 off Moe's
Ricky Hightower $5 off Moe's
Shirley Davis 1 month Kinetixs
Elizabether Shanid 1 month Kinetixs
Chardonnary Watson $10 Bruster's
Leah Hammond $15 Starbucks
Micah Downs $15 iTunes
Sandra Griffin $25 VSU Bookstore/Tech Shop
Becky Tracey VSU Sports Bag
Ariel Shaw VSU Sports Bag
Lars Leader VSU Mug
Romona Ice VSU Mug
Jennifer Turco VSU Mug

Top Individuals 

Paul Vincent $25 Blue Cafe/Blue Pub
Nanci Scheetz $25 Blue Cafe/Blue Pub
Misty Moreno $25 Blue Cafe/Blue Pub
Elizabeth Shanid $25 Moe's Gift Cards
Marlene Marlow $25 Moe's Gift Cards
Suzanne Ewing $25 Moe's  Gift Cards
Barbara Radcliffe 2 Wild Adventure Day Passes
Mark Morris 2 Wild Adventure Day Passes
Sheryl Dasinger 6-months Curves Membership
Ellice Martin 6-months Curves Membership
Linda Most 6-months Curve Membership
Kyle Culpepper $50 Visa Gold Card
Joe Brashier $50 Visa Gold Card
Sterling Sanders $25 VSU Bookstore/Tech  Shop
Tomi Olukawaya $25 Crystal River

Top 5 Individuals Bronze

Ellice Martin

Linda Most

Barbara Radcliffe

Sterling Sanders

Elizabeth Shanid

Top 5 Individuals Silver

Sheryl Dasinger

Suzzane Ewing

Misty Moreno

Mark Morris

Paul Vincent

Top 5 Individuals Gold

Joe Brashier

Kyle Culpepper

Marlene Marlow

Tomi Olukawaya

Nanci Scheetz

Top Teams

Small Team (1-6)

Walk4Fun - Total Points = 18607

Medium Team (7-12)

College of the Arts - Total Points = 27977

Large Team (13+)

Team Odum - Total Points = 82805

Overall in Total Points

Team Odum = 82805

Middle School Milers = 41399

Overall Highest Percent of Goal Attainment

AFROTC Det 172 Stompers

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