Textbook Requisitions


  • Please re-submit your textbook request each semester as we only order for one semester at a time
  • Please provide course number, unique number and any cross-listing information so we can accurately supply that information to your students.
  • Please provide as ISBN number whenever possible as this will help us identify the specific title and edition you need. We will always attempt to obtain used copies. If used copies are unavailable we will fulfill the needed quantity with new books.
  • If a new edition of a book is available, but you wish to use the older edition please be sure to specify the edition you would like us to order.
  • If we find a new item is available, we will notify you and let you decide which edition to use.
  • Please allow at least 8-12 weeks for delivery of all imported materials. For financial reasons we prefer not to import materials.
  • If maps, study guides, solution manuals, instruments, tool kits or similar items are needed for your course, please indicate on your request.
  • After the submission of your requests please notify us immediately of any increase in enrollment so that we can order additional books in time for classes.
  • Please notify us of any course/section cancellation or addition so that we may provide complete and accurate information to your students.
  • Please indicate where photocopied packets can be found so we can inform your students (Private Copy Shops or Campus Shops).
  • Please let us know of any situation that would require your books being needed early, i.e.: classes being taught abroad.
  • If no books are needed for your course, please indicate 'NO TEXT'. Our web shoppers need this information.
  • Book requests for the Spring semester are due in mid October.
  • Book requests for Summer semester are due by March 1st and for Fall Semester by April 15th.

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  • Requests submitted in a timely fashion will allow us to fully research your request and let you know of any problems well in advance of classes starting. It will also allow students a better re-sale opportunity as well as providing a higher number of used books for the next semester's students.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate information will cause delays. Please provide as much information for a book as possible. If the publisher is very small or obscure, please provide phone numbers or at least address information whenever possible.
  • It is generally a good idea to contact us about a month before classes begin to make sure all is going smoothly with your request.
  • Please provide a phone number and email address where you can be easily reached so we can clear up any problems that may come up when ordering your books.

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Aside from the numerous publisher websites and other resources available at the library, our staff is happy to assist you by providing contact information for publishers. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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By submitting your requisition forms early you will virtually ensure the availability of coursebooks and supplies when they are needed. We use an electronic adoption form to collect textbook adoption information. This form requires a login and password. Call Jennifer Crane for information (229)333-5669.

We rely on you to fulfill our agreement as the official University bookstore to carry every coursebook, every course readings packet, every lab manual, everything that your students need for all your courses. This is our commitment to you, to our members and to the entire University community. If you anticipate a delay in submitting your requisition, please let us know: Contact Jennifer Crane at (229) 333-5669.

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We know prices are a concern for everyone. We have proven ways for students to save money.

More Used Textbooks Available at the VSU Bookstore

We frequently contact several major used book wholesale companies to obtain as many copies of used coursebooks as possible.  Students save 25% off the new coursebook price by purchasing used coursebooks.

Textbook Buyback

Students sell textbooks they no longer want to the VSU Bookstore at the end of each semester.  The amount of money students receive is determined by whether or not their books are re-adopted for the upcoming semester.  Students can be paid 50% of the current new book price for their books.  To ensure that students receive the most for their books, we need your adoption information before buyback in mid-December.  If a textbook is not re-adopted, students are paid a wholesale price determined by national demand. Those books are shipped to wholesalers for distribution.

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Students need more than textbooks. We are committed to stocking all the course wear, engineering supplies, art supplies, lab notebooks, biology equipment and other supplies and materials your students need.

Simply add these items to your coursebook requisition form or contact Ebony Wade in our academic supplies department,(229)249-2789.

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