FLEX Facts



  • Valdosta State University offers a campus debit account known as the FLEX account.
  • The FLEX account is separate from your Banner student account, which is managed by Student Financial Services/Bursary.
  • It is also separate from the Dining/Meal Plan accounts.
  • The VSU 1Card and it's accounts/privileges may only be used by the cardholder whose name, photo and ID number appear on the card.
  • FLEX deposits are not automatic.  If you wish to utilize excess financial aid through a FLEX account, you must do so by logging into your Banner student account and transferring funds yourself.
  • All credit card deposits must be made online.
  • If you attempt to make a FLEX deposit and have insufficient funds in your student account, have a returned check or a denied credit card a hold will be placed on your student account.  This may result in dropped classes and you will be held responsible for repayment of any goods or services received.
  • Contact the VSU Bookstore at 229-333-5666 for questions regarding their use of the VSU 1Card FLEX account.
  • An individual’s 1Card and all associated privileges may be confiscated and/or suspended as a result of allowing any other person(s) to access said individual’s card for any reason.  VSU 1Cards should never be used by anyone other than the person to whom the card and associated privileges have been assigned.  

     *Cards confiscated by VSU employees or contractors (for any reason) should be returned to the 1Card office.  Please use the “Confiscated Card Form” when sending the card to 1Card Services (http://www.valdosta.edu/administration/finance-admin/auxiliaryservices/1-card-services/forms/confiscatedid.php)