VSU's Stationery System

All Valdosta State University communications are important to the Stationery samplesand stature of the university. It is important that each department be placed on equal footing with every other department and that each department enforce the graphic standards set forth in this guide. Letterheads, business cards, memos and other stationery items are major communication devices. The university sends thousands of these items every year. All stationery items carry the university logo. The university stationery system as shown in the following pages is the standard for all offices, departments, units or centers unless otherwise prescribed in this guide.

Because they are universally used, stationery and business cards are the foundation of the visual identity program and must adhere to identity guidelines. Artwork of all official stationery and business card formats is available through Creative Design Services.

All stationery must be printed from authorized artwork on campus at Printing & Copying Services to ensure the quality and consistency of the products. Nothing may be added to the imprint of letterhead that is not approved by Creative Design Services.

No “homemade” letterhead or business cards may be produced or distributed on-campus or off-campus. Letterhead may not be created by photocopying. If you have such products now, please shred and recycle them and order new products.


Valdosta State letterhead prints in two colors, Red (PMS 186) and black on 24lb. white paper. A mailing address, Web address, phone and Fax number are required on letterhead. Location information that may include building name, entrance, floor and room number are optional. An e-mail address and a motto/tagline are also optional.

To enhance the university’s professional image, University offices and departments must use the official printed letterhead, not copies for all off-campus correspondence. Letters should be composed in Garamond, Times or a similar serif font, 12-point type, single-spaced. All text should be left justified. Margins should be at least 1 inch on the left and right sides, 2 inches on the top and 1-1/2 inches on the bottom. (Note: These are the minimum margins allowed. For shorter letters, use larger margins as needed to make correspondence visually pleasing.)

Digital letterhead/Word template files are available through Creative Design Services for on-campus and electronic memos. To order letterhead, contact CDS.


The Valdosta State envelope comes in the standard No. 10 size for business correspondence. The university address (Department Name, Valdosta State University, 1500 N. Patterson St., Valdosta, GA 31698-0000) is beside the logo. In compliance with U.S. Postal Service requirements, the return address must be more than 2-3/4 inches above the bottom of the envelope. Follow the same format on return addresses for brochures and flyers that are self-mailing. Envelopes are printed in Red (PMS 186) and Black on white envelopes.

The U.S. Postal Service has established guidelines for addressing business envelopes. Its optical character readers (OCRs) look for the address within a rectangular space on each piece of mail, called the “OCR read area.” There must be 2-3/4 inches clearance between the department name and the lower edge of the envelope. The last line of the address must be at least 5/8 inch above the lower edge of the envelope. Print text in all caps and omit punctuation, except the hyphen in the ZIP+4 code. Use abbreviations whenever possible. “Address Service Requested” may be within the OCR read area. If you have questions or for more information about proper addressing and endorsements, call Campus Mail Services at (229) 333–5672.

Other size envelopes are also available in one and two colors depending on your need or use.
To order envelopes, contact CDS.

Business cards

Valdosta State business cards are printed in two colors, with text in Black and the logo in Red (PMS 186) and Black. Business cards are imprinted with the carrier’s name, title, phone and fax numbers plus optional numbers such as cell or pager, e-mail address and Web address, and the university address (Department Name, 1500 N. Patterson St., Valdosta, GA 31698-0000). Business cards are printed on 80 lb. white card stock. Heavier stock is available by special order. To order business cards, contact CDS.

Other Stationery

Standard forms of memo pads, routing slips, fax cover sheets, large envelopes, mailing labels, postcards and business reply mail are also available through Creative Design Services.

Fax Cover Sheet
This is also available as a custom Word template. Please contact CDS to have a file setup for your office.

Standard Form Templates
This form template, created by the Division of Finance & Administration and CDS, is the recommended style for all VSU forms. The header on all forms should contain the VSU logo, name of the form, department name, contact information, and the date. The footer should contain the creation or revision date, department name, name of the form and number of pages. Please contact CDS if you need help creating forms.


A range of invitation templates using different logo configurations are available in Creative Design Services. They may be printed in one or two colors, with or without envelopes and reply cards. All invitations using the university logo should print on white paper.