What To Do First?

back planning sample

When planning a publication, nothing is more important than two simple words—START EARLY! It is actually fairly easy for you to determine when you need to begin the process of planning and organizing your publication. The concept is called "back planning."

In order to utilize back planning, you first need to determine the date you must have the finished product in hand and start figuring backwards. What we are determining here is the time needed to assemble the copy, graphics, photos, etc., and the time the printer needs to print, assemble, fold and bind the publication.

The steps publication planners follow from the time they have determined a publication needs to be produced until the final product is completed consist of research, copy writing, proofreading, production and printing. The first three steps apply to the originator of the publication.


Publication Production Stages 


planning time estimattes

During this stage, the publication originator gathers information that will comprise the publication. 

Copy writing

This is when the content of the publication is written based on the information gathered during the research stage.

Proofreading/Copy editing

This is the stage when the copy is checked for accuracy, grammar, punctuation, style and spelling.


 This is when the proofed copy is combined with photographs/graphics, formatted and placed within the publication.


The actual production of the publication.


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