Image Is Everything

A well-known photographic manufacturer employs a tennis star to hawk one of their products with the key phrase, “Image is Everything!”, used as the sales pitch. Almost all chief executive officers, regardless of the type of business, corporation, organization or institution they lead, know that the image they present to their various publics is extremely important.

To that end, the importance of a consistent and uniform image that runs through all published materials is essential. Publications do not need to look exactly alike, but they do need to follow certain parameters and incorporate certain identifying icons in specific ways to present an organized and consistent look. It is a waste of time and money to have someone in one area of the university spend many hours producing a publication that is not consistent with the other materials being created. This doesn't’t benefit the university or the department and therefore is viewed as money spent unwisely. To solve this problem, a publication policy for everyone in the organization to follow is created. 

What Does It All Mean?

In a nutshell, planning a publication means two-way planning and organization is not merely a good idea, but is rather essential. In other words, planning and organization by the person or department requesting a publication is equally as important as planning and organizing the publication by CDS.

Producing a publication is not something that happens instantaneously. Cost estimates for the publication and a working time frame need to be calculated; the paper type and ink color need to be determined and possibly ordered; photographs need to be planned and shot; bids may need to be secured; and if the publication is one that needs to be printed off-campus, the time that the printer needs to “turn around the job” must be determined. So, please take the time and follow the steps outlined so we can all be proud of the end product and do the job correctly.

laymans guide to publication process

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