About Us


The Foundation exists to support the development of educational excellence at Valdosta State University. It does so by attracting and involving leaders from among the University’s alumni and friends in this endeavor. The Foundation’s primary efforts shall be directed toward attracting, receiving, investing, managing, and expending gifts and other resources designated for the academic, artistic, athletic, teaching, research and public service programs of the University.


1. Leadership

• To attract as trustees the most able alumni and friends of the University to become involved with the University in its quest for excellence.
• To earn the understanding and support of these alumni and friends by ensuring their awareness of the goals of the University and its programs.
• To take a leadership role in supporting the University by gaining the understanding and support of key constituencies in the region, state, and nation.
• To develop an effective partnership with the Alumni Association and the Blazer Boosters Board of Governors so that the University’s two leading support groups are coordinated and cooperative in their efforts.

2. Fundraising

• To make annual gifts themselves. To make deferred gift provisions themselves.
• To assist the President of the University in the identification of the priority private funding objectives of the University.
• To provide the volunteer leadership necessary for the Foundation’s annual giving, corporate and foundation giving, capital giving, and planned giving programs.

3. Stewardship

• To provide an attractive vehicle for donors to use to support the University.
• To invest the endowments held in trust for the University to achieve returns among the best in the country for endowments of similar size.
• To invest the Foundation’s resources to take advantage of unusual opportunities to advance the University when these opportunities would not otherwise be available to the University.
• To manage the Foundation effectively and efficiently to assure donors that their gifts are used as designed.


Executive Committee

• Review mission and goals and recommend objectives.
• Maintain the arm’s length memorandum of understanding with the University.
• Recommend revised bylaws and articles of incorporation.
• Functioning as the strategic planning committee, develop a plan for consideration by the Board of Trustees.
• Annually evaluate the CEO’s performance.


• Review the performance of all trustees and consult with those who do not appear to be meeting their responsibilities.
• Recommend officers and trustees with a conscious effort to increase the representation of all of South Georgia.
• Identify 20 top prospects as future trustees and begin cultivation.
• Conduct an orientation for new trustees.


• Annually solicit all trustees.
• Review, approve, and evaluate the effectiveness of goals and action plans to achieve them for annual giving, corporate/foundation giving, capital giving and planned giving.

Finance & Administration

• Recommend an operating budget and unrestricted grants.
• Recommend a comprehensive financial management policy.
• Review the audited financial statements.
• Engage an audit firm.
• Ensure that the financial statements produced from the automated general ledger system are satisfactory to the trustees and monitor them on a quarterly basis.
• Ensure the completion of the transfer of the majority of expenditures of restricted gifts to the University.
• Adopt an appropriate cash management program for current funds.
• Monitor the progress of all Foundation investments on a quarterly basis and meet with the Foundation’s endowment manager during the third quarter to review performance.
• Appoint a CPA Treasurer
• Review the Foundation’s insurance program.


• To accept gifts of, invest in, and manage real estate.
• Real estate like investments in cash, stocks and bonds as alternative investments must carry itself and must charge a management fee just like endowment funds.