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University Wide Awards:



University System of GA Academic Recognition Day Award

Each of Georgia’s 34 University System Institutions chooses an outstanding student to be honored on Academic Recognition Day by the House of Representatives and the State Senate. This year the Academic Recognition Day student as chosen by the academic Honors and scholarships Committee on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and success.

Alpha Lambda Delta Leonard Book Award

Given to a top graduating senior who is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta and who has the highest cumulative grade point average. The award is given in honor of Maria Leonard, founder of Alpha Lambda Delta.

Clare Philips Martin Scholarship

Presented in honor of Mrs. Clare Martin, wife of the late President Mereitus S. Walter Martin, is awarded to a student at Valdosta State with a 3.5 or higher GPA, who has completed no less than 60 semester hours of work at Valdosta State University and is active in campus and community organizations.

American Association of University Women Award

Given to the female graduate of Valdosta State University whose overall GPA is a 3.5 and who has demonstrated talents for intellectual growth and leadership through her involvement in clubs, organizations and projects, and/or work experience during her university years.

Marga Award

Given by Sigma Alpha Chi Honor Society to the outstanding woman in her senior year. Recipients must have demonstrated academic superiority, a 3.0 or better GPA and participation in at least three campus organizations.

Mac Award

Given by Sigma Alpha Chi Honor Society to the outstanding man in his senior year. Recipients must have demonstrated academic superiority, a 3.0 or better GPA and participation in at least three campus organizations.

College Awards:



Most Outstanding AS300 Cadet

Is presented to the most outstanding junior ranking in the upper 5 percent of their class. The student must positively contribute to leadership and show initiative, good judgment, self-confidence, promptness, and respect for authority. The individual should be able to adapt to change and possess the highest personal and ethical standards and strong personal convictions.

The Bartram Award for Intellectual Exploration

Is named for famed explorer and scientist William Bartram. The Bartram Award recognizes exceptional achievement in a University honors program who has demonstrated the skills of intellectual exploration, adventure, and competence. The recipient must have a minimum GPA of 3.30, be a sophomore or a junior, be active in the Honors Program, and must have demonstrated exceptional research, scholarly or creative activity in a course of study. 

Outstanding College of Arts Award

The College of the Arts Outstanding Student Award is selected from the College departmental award recipients. The student receiving this award is recognized for their academic achievement, research and service activity within their departments, the university and community.

Outstanding Student in Arts and Sciences

Based on demonstrated academic excellence, which includes scholarship, memberships, honors, and GPA, as well as service to the department, college, and community.

Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award

Is the top award given by the College of Business Administration to an outstanding senior.

College of Education Highest Academic Achievement

Goes to a student who has been chosen from among students from each of the departments in the college of Education. This award is based on the highest GPA.

Langdale College Outstanding Senior Award

The award is given to the most outstanding senior in the entire Langdale College. The student may have any one of out seven majors: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Healthcare Administration, International Business, Management or Marketing. The award is given to the student who has one of the highest Langdale College GPA's, who has taken a substantive amount of his/her coursework at VSU and has made substantive contributions to the Langdale College, Valdosta State University and the community

Outstanding Student in College of Nursing and Health Sciences Award

Goes to a student with the highest GPA in their graduating class, someone who is active in campus and community activities. The student needs to show leadership capabilities and initiative in clinical and classroom settings

Outstanding Athlete Awards:



Outstanding Student Athlete Male

Outstanding Student Athlete Female