Searching for News Resources

The following quick tutorial will help you find news articles for your research project.


Picture of Library Homepage

To find a news article for your research topic, start at the Library Homepage. Click on Articles, then on Select Subject, and then select News Resources from the menu.



News Resources Page

The News Resources page is a list of Odum Library’s recommended news sources.  An example of a great news resource is the ProQuest Newspapers database, where you can select an individual newspaper like the New York Times, or the Historical Newspapers, further down on the page, where issues of newspapers like the New York Times or Washington Post go further back, as far as the 1800's.



Picture of New York Times Search

In this example, New York Times has been selected, and a student is searching for a story about an airplane landing in the Hudson River.  For tips on how to search through particular databases, check out our EBSCOhost and ProQuest guides, or check the Help files within each database.