Creating Persistent Links

A persistent link, also known as a durable, stable, or permanent link, is an Internet address (URL - Uniform Resource Locator) that connects directly to a specific full-text article in a library database or electronic journal subscription. Usually when you look at a full-text article in a subscription database or on a publisher's website, the URL associated with the article is dynamic, meaning that if you save it and try to use it to access that article later, it will no longer work.  Fortunately, many subscription databases and websites now have permanent web addresses known as persistent, stable or durable links that allow easy incorporation into an e-mail, web page, library electronic course reserves, or in BlazeVIEW.   

Why would you want to link to VSU Library articles owned?  In a word, copyright!  Completion of the University System of Georgia (USG) Copyright Fair Use Checklist*  is not required when submitting VSU licensed persistent links for library electronic reserves or in BlazeVIEW.   Otherwise following USG Board of Regents' Copyright Policy,   the Fair Use Checklist*  must be completed and retained by you for copyrighted materials as placed on library electronic reserve or in BlazeVIEW.  Course Reserves Guidelines provides more information about electronic reserves along with the Reserve Request Form.

In order to work with VSU authentication, persistent links should begin with

View the Persistent Links: An Introduction (.pdf)
to see databases examples.

This can be added to persistent links if needed.  Examples of  database generated persistent links:

EBSCO database:

ProQuest database:


Anywhere Access Tool for Persistent Links

To link to a Library resource (e.g. electronic database, electronic journal, or full text journal article) in BlazeVIEW, electronic syllabi or course web pages use the below provided tool to create persistent links as enhanced by Anywhere Access and therefore available outside the VSU network (from off-campus) at home or at the office.

Paste (Ctrl V) the Persistent Link to the resource here: (Include http:// at the front)

New Enhanced Anywhere Access Link:

  • Double-click (or triple-click) the text box above to select the persistent link.
  • (Use Ctrl-C to) copy the new enhanced Anywhere Access link.
  • (Use Ctrl-V to) paste the new enhanced Anywhere Access persistent link into your document or browser.