Checkpoint Registration

Registering a username and password with Checkpoint lets you personalize your Checkpoint experience by customizing the page through options, keeping your most important documents in folders, and setting up your own custom searches that can be scheduled to run periodically with new results emailed to you. 

You will want to register and create an account in Checkpoint if:

  • You use Checkpoint frequently
  • You have entered a course where frequent Checkpoint use will be required
  • You would like updates on the latest news in taxation law, e.g. setting up an RSS feed or email schedule.
  • You have a complex search in Checkpoint that you run often

Registering for a New Account

Click Here to Register a New Account with RIA Checkpoint Tax Library

  • You must be on a workstation within the VSU campus network in order to register for a new account. 
    Registration directions are given on the right side of the registration page.  

Accessing RIA Checkpoint Tax Library With Registration

Click on the RIA Checkpoint Tax Research Library With Registration link and use the username/password you have received through registration.

  • Once you have registered for a new account, you can access RIA Checkpoint both on and off campus.

Using Options

When logged in to Checkpoint, click the "Options" link in the top-right corner to get to the Options screen.  Be sure to click "Save" once you have changed any options.  Here are the different sets of options you can customize:

  • Document: Change the way a document and its contents are displayed.
  • General: Change what area of Checkpoint you will go to directly after logging in, and change whether or not your searches are saved as history.
  • Newsstand: Change the appearance of the Newsstand page, and set up an email or RSS schedule for news or journals.
  • Personal/Password: Change the first name, last name, and email address of your account, along with changing your password.
  • Print/Export/Email: Change preferences for how your documents print, export to other file formats, and appear in an email.
  • Search/Display: Change options on how your search is conducted and how search results are sorted and displayed.

Saving Checkpoint Searches and Documents

Having your own account in Checkpoint allows you to access the "My Folders" service.  Here are some features of  "My Folders:"

  • If you have complex searches that you conduct frequently, you can save them to a folder.  These saved searches can then be configured to run on a schedule.
  • You can save documents to a folder for quick access, and you can print, export, or email them from the folder.

Checkpoint also has a History feature for registered users, similar to the History feature in a web browser.  If you have not saved a document or search to a folder, you can find it in History and retrieve it.  You can also save, export, email, and print documents from History, along with reassembling past charts, re-executing a calculator function, and scheduling a search.

For details on how to use these features, click "Help" in the top-right corner of Checkpoint.