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Limited seating of 13 seats per workshop
Instructor: Kyle W. Culpepper
Location: Multimedia Room, Odum Library Media Center

How to Register:

to register for a workshop go to the following link:

Click on “VSU Employee/Student Login” and enter your BlazeView username and password. Find the class you would like to attend and click the register icon next to that class.


Workshops Offered:

Adobe Acrobat Pro X: Building Resume/Portfolio

Adobe Audition Basics 

Adobe Photoshop Basics

PowerPoint Poster Creation Made In a Snap

Windows Movie Maker


Adobe Acrobat Pro X: Building Resume/Portfolio

Acrobat Pro X is the leading program for document conversion for ease of accessibility across all platforms. This program is packed with smart tools that provide excellent means to share your content. In this workshop we will learn how to make a portfolio using the Acrobat Wizard tool, learn the different layout options, how to configure th look and feel of the portfolio design, and share your final work with others. Bring a flash drive with you and some example documents to start generating a portfolio along with me.

In this workshop we will discuss:

  1. Portfolio Layouts
  2. PDF conversions
  3. Adding Files and Folders to a PDF Portfolio
  4. Convert multimedia to a PDF Portfolio
  5. Edit visual appearance of PDF Portfolio
  6. Extract components from PDF Portfolios
  7. Share PDF Portfolio

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Adobe Audition Basics:

Adobe Audition is a top of the line audio editing tool used by professional audio engineers in the media industry.

Audition, if used well, can do some amazing effects with sound files, such as creating surround sound with stereo channel manipulation, removing wind and other background noises, automatic pitch correction for out of tune singers and much more! Join us at the Media Center in Odum Library on the 1st floor. We will learn the basics of audio editing by familiarizing ourselves with the two very different modes inside of audition, Waveform and Multi-track editing. Understand how normalization can truly help amplify your sound file and why adding fades can help control the mood of your story. We will also build up a multitrack session and learn some of the critical features to know in order to build an audio compilation.  
Points that will be covered:
1. Foundational concepts of sound
2. Getting acquainted with Adobe Audition (Waveform VS. Multitrack)
3. Recording Audio and saving audio out
4. Selection tools and their benefits
5. Standard waveform adjustments (Normalization, fades)
6. Clip Boarding Audio Segments
7. Special Effects Rack
8. Multi-track editing

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 Adobe Photoshop Basics:

Photoshop is by far the most well-known program of the Adobe Suite. Although this program is so well known, there is often a huge barrier placed up by many who fear it. Let’s break that barrier and learn the overall workspace, and importance of layers. With this foundation down, we will work towards a few of the many fun and engaging tools of how Photoshop has gone beyond its intended purpose of photo editing.
Points that will be covered:
1. Navigating the workspace
2. Learning about the Mystery of Layers
3. Simple Photoshop edits to enhance your image
4. Basic shapes and text manipulations

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PowerPoint: Poster Creation In a Snap:

The PowerPoint: Poster Creation in a Snap workshop is geared to assist students who have never developed a poster before. The goal of this class is to give a ground level understanding of what print sizes the Media Center has to offer. We will show how to use PowerPoint to create an academic level poster. Topics of the class include poster sizing, background layout, proper elements used for an academic poster, etc. Using the tools offered in PowerPoint is easy. Learn the tools here and use your imagination to be creative.

Points that will be covered:
1. Setup proper dimensions for your poster
2. Adjust background layout
3. Add text and images
4. Basic image and text manipulation
5. Use of proper elements for an academic poster

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Windows Movie Maker:

Learn the basics of video editing by familiarizing yourself with the timeline, adding animations, effects and many other interactive features in Movie Maker. We will have available for you flip cameras, which can be checked out at the Media Center for your future video projects, as well as, workstations containing Windows Movie Maker. This is a hands on workshop where we can develop our video projects by combining all our media types into Windows Movie Maker for manipulation and creation. Come and jump in our interactive class.
Points that will be covered:
1. Basic Navigation
2. Generate Titles, Captions, and Credits
3. Split, Remove, & Move Video Clip
4. Visual Effects
5. Video Speed & Volume
6. Snapshots
7. Adding Music from jump drive
8. Save Project Content
9. Publish Project Content As a Video

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