Graduate CD

Graduate School CD 

This project was a collaboration between the Odum Library Media Center and Reference Department. The purpose for this CD was to provide graduate students with an introduction to library resources and collections. Included on the CD is a variety of workshops incorporating rich multimedia content.

Frog Dissections

Zoology Dissections Study Guides 
for Dr. Colleen McDonugh

Traditionally most lab texts and supporting multimedia provide pictures of specimens that are dissected soon after they expired. When students view specimens in a college lab, however, they are of stock which have been preserved for some time. Preservatives cause the specimen's tissue to look different from those used in traditional textbooks.

Eric Jackson a Media Assistant at the Odum Library Media Center and graduate student in the M.Ed. of Instructional Technology program, collaborated with Dr. Collen McDonough, Associate Professor of Animal Behavior, to produce pictures, study guides, and an accompanying website of dissections which are representative of what students see during lab. 
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An initiative promoted by the Board of Regents to integrate technology into academic instruction. Staff members from both the Library Reference Department and Media Center collaborated on a grant proposal and were successful in obtaining $20,000. With these funds the team created IDLIM-Instructional Desktop Library Instruction Module. The purpose of this module was to enhance library instruction classes for incoming freshmen.
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22x34 Posters

The Media Center has the ability to print large size posters. view samples

Short Films

Short Films

Odum Library Media Services and Reference Department collaborate in developing video streams aimed at confronting academic issues such as plagiarism as well as promoting academic research services.
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