Evaluating International Transcripts/Transferring International Credits

Getting Your Transcripts Evaluated

If you attended any colleges or universities following the completion of your secondary school: 

You must submit transcripts from each institution that reflects courses taken and grades earned. The University requires that original documents or certified copies be sent. Certified English translations must accompany any records which are not in English.

Students from universities outside the U.S.:

International undergraduate students who wish to transfer college/ university credit from foreign universities are required to submit a professional course-by-course evaluation of their credentials. The student or sponsoring organization bears the cost of these evaluations. Certified evaluations are sent from the credential-evaluating agency (we recommend Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.) directly to Valdosta State University. Once the course-by-course evaluation is received, the Admissions Office works with faculty advisors to fit the student's past coursework into the curriculum at VSU. The student will receive a report from the Admissions Office outlining the amount of credit awarded and grades. Students can also work with the Admissions Office upon arrival if there are concerns about how credit has been awarded or grades assigned. Academic work completed within the United States does not need to be evaluated by one of these services.

There are six agencies whom VSU will accept credential evaluations from:

Josef Silny & Associates
7101 SW 102 Avenue
Miami, FL 33171
Tel: 305-273-1616
Fax: 305-273-1338 
Translation Fax: 305-273-1984
e-mail: info@jsilny.com

Education Evaluators International, Inc.
11 South Angle Street #348 
Tel: 401-521-5340
Fax: 401-437-6474

International Education Research Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 66940
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Tel: 310-390-6276
Fax: 310-397-7686
e-mail: info@ierf.org

Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc.
P.O. Box 6908
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Tel: 310-275-3530
Fax: 310-275-3528

World Education Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 745
Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113-0745
Tel: 212-966-6311
Fax: 212-966-6395

Education Credential Evaluators, Inc.
P.O. Box 92970
Milwaukee, WI 53202-0970
Tel: 414-289-3400
Fax: 414-289-3411
e-mail: eval@ece.org

If obtaining an evaluation as outlined above proves to cause an undue burden on students or the sponsoring organization, it may be possible to evaluate credit for transfer by the VSU Admissions Office, but only if the transcripts are in English. Contact us for more information. A maximum of 90 semester hours may be transferred towards a degree at VSU.

Graduate students will need to provide evidence of the equivalent to a U.S. baccalaureate degree. A maximum of 6 semester hours may be transferred from foreign graduate coursework to VSU.