About Us

The European Council: Summer Study Abroad 

The European Council (EC) is one of five regional councils operating under the auspices of the System Council for International Education of the University System of Georgia (USG). The EC seeks to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the cultures and societies of Europe by sponsoring programs and activities for the University System of Georgia's students, faculty and institutions. The EC sponsors summer study abroad programs for USG students and transients at seven locations in Europe that last 2-5 weeks. Courses are taught largely by faculty from USG colleges and universities and students blend classroom experiences with group and individual travel as they earn academic credit at their home institution. 

Membership in the EC is open to all USG colleges and universities, as well as to accredited non-System universities in the State of Georgia. Institutions appoint campus representatives to the council and these representatives coordinate council activities at their institutions. Other faculty, staff, or administrators are welcome to attend council meetings. For more information about council activities or meetings, contact the appropriate institutional representative on the EC Campus Representative Members list. 

International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP): Semester & Year-long Exchanges

ISEP is a network of more than 300 colleges and universities in 44 countries cooperating to provide affordable access to international education for a diverse student population. ISEP students gain intercultural competence through integration into their host institution and host culture while exploring the international dimensions of their academic field.

European Council Officers

  • Chair, Ms. Margee Bright-Ragland- Georgia Perimeter College
  • Vice-Chair, Dr. Dan Ross- Columbus State University
  • Treasurer, Ms. Irina McClellan- Valdosta State University
  • At-Large Representative, Ms. Maria Darley- Georgia Regents University 
  • At-Large Representative, Jeff Brown- Georgia Highlands College