The TrailBlazer program is a free program designed to assist first-generation college students with their transition into a university atmosphere. The program meets several times during each semester of their first year here at VSU. During the fall semester, students will focus on learning, implementing, and reinforcing skills they develop in the classroom, as well as create and discuss ways to apply these skills to artistic themes. Skills you will be learning and applying to your classes include the following areas:

  • Time Management
  • WritingSpeaking
  • Listening Critical Thinking
  • Goal-Setting

Each meeting will begin with an interactive lecture and discussion, followed by a hands-on activity. In addition to learning these skills, the TrailBlazer program is a place for you to comfortably discuss any challenges and successes that you may experience as a first-year student.

Here is a sample of the Fall 2013 TrailBlazer student schedule.

So Far This Year...

During the Fall 2013 semester, the TrailBlazers participated in a variety of programs including:

  • Writing workshop
    • Each student was able to have a paper evaluated by VSU professor, Gardner Rogers, and receive constructive and helpful feedback to improve their writing skills. Students also learned some helpful tips and tricks to ensure that their writing follows the requirements of their assignments, a common mistake for most first-year college students.
  • Public speaking workshop
    • Dr. Karen Sodowsky gave the studetns helpful information on how they communicate with others as well as what they communicate to others. Appearance, speech, and body language were among some of the useful topics discussed during this session.
  • Visualization workshop
    • Dr. Chere Peguesse had the students complete a hands-on and creative project that helped them visualize and identify obstacles, strengths, and goals. They examined how being knowledgeable of their strengths, weaknesses, and potential obstacles affects them during the semester as well as how they can impact their future goals.
  • As You Like It
    • Students prepared and presented a scene from this well-known Shakespearean play in order to help them understand the plot, get to know the characters, and gain an appreciation for the language used in the play. Each student used their creativity, their public speaking skills, and the strengths that they discovered in previous workshops to present their scene to the group. Next they attended a performance of the play and discussed what they recognized and appreciated about the play during the next session.
  • Pops in the Park
    • A few of our musically talented TrailBlazers are involved in the jazz ensemble here at VSU, and their fellow TrailBlazers attended a performance during Pops in the Park to show their support. The night was filled with great music and lots of laughter, which made it a very unique and memorable experience for everyone.

 Trailblazers at Pops in the Park