SOI Advantages for Faculty

The online implementation of the SOI forms will have several advantages over traditional face-to-face administration:

  1. INCREASED ACCURACY and COMPLETENESS of data: Departments using scantron forms frequently ended up with missing data, either as a result of the process of distributing, collecting, and bundling these forms or as a result of the scanning process itself.  Consequently, faculty members sometimes did not have complete results from a semester.

  2. TIMELINESS of data: Using traditional forms, faculty members used to wait as long as half a semester before SOI data was processed; with this online system, results should be available within a couple of weeks after the end of the term.  These quicker results aid faculty in planning their courses for the next term and in completing their Faculty Activity Report (FAR) at the end of fall semester.

  3. EASIER ACCESS to data:  Faculty members will be able to access their SOI data through SRA’s secure EAS portal.  The data will be stored there, but information can also be printed for the faculty member’s records.

  4. EASIER ADMINISTRATION: The scantron model required much additional work from departmental staff (bundling forms for all classes, bubbling in CRN numbers on individual scantron sheets, making copies of or typing student comments), from faculty (clearing class time, arranging for a student in the class to pick up forms and carry them to the departmental office), and for IT and other departments (running scantron forms and preparing reports). This new system decreases workload for all involved.