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St. Petersburg, Russia, city of the czars...Created by Peter the Great as his "Window on Europe," St. Petersburg is a showcase of Russian heritage that reflects a distinctly European outlook. It is one of the world's architectural treasures combining gold-domed cathedrals and Baroque places, museums, and public buildings with an exciting night life, art, music, literature, entertainment, and white nights. Studying Abroad offers students a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a foreign country, earn college credits, and bring back a lifetime of memories. The European Council of the University System of Georgia offers students of all ages a unique program in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The program allows students to earn up to eight credit hours during the four weeks of class. Students can choose from classes in most disciplines including art, business, history, political science, literature, language, and Russian culture.

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Program at a Glance

Location St. Petersburg Russia Program Dates June 28, 2013- July 26, 2013 Courses Available Wide range of undergraduate classes including Art, History, Literature, International Relations, Russian Language, and Russian Culture. Program Cost $4,350 Application Deadline Friday, March 1, 2013

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    Considered the cultural heart of modern Russia, St. Petersburg, also known as the "Venice of the North" is one of the architectural treasures of Europe. The city is quickly gaining a reputation around the world as a city known for its culture and exciting night life. From classical ballet and opera to modern rock and traditional Russian folk music, and sports, the city offers something for everyone. Few cities can boast as many museums as St. Petersburg. From the Hermitage to the Russian Museum, the Natural Science Museum, the state Museum of Ethnography, culture abounds in St. Petersburg. There's even a vodka Museum, Bread Museum, and Chocolate Museum. In June and July the city's nightlife is enhanced by "White Nights," twenty-four hours of daylight where the people of the city seem to shop, eat, and party all night. The palaces and stately homes provide a glimpse into a time when tsars ruled the county. In the post-Soviet period, St. Petersburg has regained its reputation as a city of Soviet period, St. Petersburg has regained its reputation as a city of sophisticated, urban people with a taste for the good things in life.

    Program Dates and Structure

    Students depart for St. Petersburg from Atlanta on June 28th, 2013 and return July 26th, 2013. Each course meets for lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays in morning and afternoon sessions with Monday and Wednesdays reserved for class fieldtrips. Monday evenings offer a required Russian Culture class that gives insight into the language and alphabet, and into cultural differences. Weekends offer planned group excursions to important cultural and historical sites in the St. Petersburg area including palaces and the surrounding countryside. A special feature of the program is an optional, three-day excursion to Russia's capital city of Moscow. Guided tours of the city and of the Kremlin and its museums and churches, a visit to Red Square, a walking tour of old Moscow, and a visit to the world-famous Yuri Nikulin Circus are included in the excursion.

    Health Matters and Insurance

    Participants are provided with health-care insurance that covers them while they are abroad. The policy has a $50 deductible for doctors' visits and a $250 deductible for hospitalization. Students with special medical problems may be required to provide a physician's assurance of their ability to undertake foreign travel and study. It is not possible for the European Council to guarantee accessible facilities abroad for students with special needs. Participants should bring medications they regularly depend upon and should have copies of prescriptions in generic form in case they need to acquire additional medications. Current recommendations on any special immunizations for travel in Russia will be provided to prospective participants at the time of application to the program.

    Passports and Visas

    Students taking part in the program will be required to obtain a visa in addition to having a valid passport. Passports must be valid for at least six months into the future after the end of the program. Non US citizens should contact the program director for information regarding obtaining a visa. The EC will provide complete details on how to obtain a visa to all participants. Participants are required to e-mail a scan of the information page from their passport to the European Council no later than March 8, 2013 . Passport scans received after that date will be subject to a $100 late fee.

    In order to obtain an invitation, which is the first step toward obtaining a visa, you must send a scanned copy of the information page of your passport to Irina McClellan at by March 1, 2013. Once students supply the European Council with their passports, the European Council will provide you with instructions on how to obtain a Visa for travel to Russia.

    Please note that the group will be traveling to Russia on a 30-day Tourist Visa. If you plan to extend your stay in Russia beyond the length of the program (June 28 – July 26, 2013), you will need to notify the program director and apply for a 90-day Student Visa, which will have additional requirements, including an HIV-test (the test results are valid for three months prior to visa application thus the test should be taken in April or May 2013 and the results should be available by the time of the mandatory student orientation on May 18, 2013).

    For everything you may need to know about getting a passport click on the link below:

    State Department - Passport Services and Information

    Download Brochure Here

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    Program Costs

    The package cost of $4,350 for the four-week program includes:

    • Roundtrip airfare between Atlanta and St. Petersburg
    • Accommodations in St. Petersburg for the full four weeks
    • Some meals in St. Petersburg
    • Roundtrip transportation between the St. Petersburg airport and the campus
    • Travel pass good for 50 trips on St. Petersburg subway system
    • Six tours of the city and suburbs that include the city’s most significant museums and other landmarks
    • A primary health insurance policy providing coverage for medical expenses
    • Visa registration fees
    • A farewell party

    The package cost does not include tuition, textbooks, passport and related expenses, spending money, travel to or from Atlanta, or any other costs beyond those listed above.

    The cost of the Moscow excursion is $600. This includes roundtrip train travel between St. Petersburg and Moscow, 2 days in Moscow, hotel accommodations in central Moscow for 2 nights, guided tours of the city and the Kremlin, admission to the Russian circus, and breakfasts while in Moscow.

    Students should plan to budget a minimum of $1000 for souvenirs, theater tickets, entrance fees, and evening entertainment. Some course excursions might involve additional fees; course instructors will inform students if such fees apply.

    All costs are subject to change because of unanticipated increases in airfares or other program elements or fluctuations in monetary exchange rates. The European Council makes every effort to keep program costs as advertised and will inform prospective participants of any changes as they occur.

    A $200 application fee is due at the time of application. This fee is part of the total program cost. Payments can be made by credit card, money order, or cashier's check through the EC website.

    Payment Deadlines

    March 1, 2013 - Application form and $200 application fee due
    March 8, 2013 - First payment of $2,075 due
    April 8, 2013 - Final payment of $2,075 due
    April 18, 2013 - Payment of $600 for the optional Moscow Excursion due

    Application fees and other payments are applied toward required advances, purchase of airline tickets and other costs related to the program. Note that $100 of the $200 application fee is non-refundable and covers processing and reservation fees. Participants who withdraw from a program after the application deadline receive a refund according to the following schedule:

    Withdrawal before March 1

    all but $100 will be refunded

    Withdrawal between March 9 and March 18

    all but $300 will be refunded

    Withdrawal between March 19 and April 1

    all but $750 will be refunded

    Withdrawal between April 2 and April 30

    all but $1,900 will be refunded

    Withdrawal after April 30

    No money will be refunded

    Courses in the 2013 summer program in St. Petersburg are part of the regular course offerings of member institutions; therefore, students may apply for loans or grants for which they would normally be eligible. Students should apply for financial aid at the campus where they are registering for courses. Campus representatives will assist students in obtaining information about financial aid.

    Students must meet all campus requirements in applying for financial aid.

    Students should plan to budget a minimum of $150 per week for additional meals. If students plan extended travel outside of St. Petersburg area or major shopping, additional funds should be budgeted. For more information, contact program director.

    Please take note of important deadlines:

    -4 passport photos due April 8th ($100 late fee if not received IN OFFICE by 5pm on this date)

    -An electronic copy of your passport is due April 8th. Faxed and Mailed copies are not accepted. ($100 late fee if not received by email by 5pm on this date)

    -An all-day*Mandatory* planning meeting on May 18th.

    Flight Deviation/Separate Airfare

    Airfare is included in the price of the program. However, if you wish to arrive to Berlin sooner, or stay later, there is a *possibility* that you can do this at an additional expense to you. Students are also allowed to do 100% of their own airfare. If you chose to do this, $1200 will be deducted from your SECOND payment. All deviation and own airfare request must be submitted by April 8th and these opportunities are provided on a first come first serve basis.

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    Course Descriptions

    Topics in World History (Civilization II)-Dr. Elaine MacKinnon (WGA)

    This course takes you on a journey through the history of our world since 1500. We will survey major political, economic, social, and intellectual developments in world history by examining key locations across the globe. The course will selectively probe specific eras, movements, events, and societies, and in particular the interactions of peoples and societies over time, wherein lie the roots of today's global interdependence. You will gain a chronological sense of major historical events and movements as well as an understanding of why and how they took place, and you will compare different ways of life, cultural expression, and state formations.

    The Cauldron of Revolution: Russian Politics and Society 1905-1921 –Dr. Elaine MacKinnon (WGA)

    In this course you will study the process of revolution in the very city where Russia’s three revolutions took place. You will explore Russian history, politics, and society between 1905, the year of the first Russian Revolution, and 1921, which marked the end of the Russian Civil War and the victory of the Bolshevik Party which had come to power through the October Revolution of 1917. You will study motive forces for revolution; the nature of revolutionary leadership; the role of parties and institutions; different historiographical understandings of these events; and the change over time in Russia’s memory, commemoration, and interpretation of these events.

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    The site for the four-week program is on the campus of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, one of the city's oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning. Located in a safe residential area of the city, the campus is 25 minutes by subway from the center of St. Petersburg. The dormitories feature a nine-story complex with double rooms. Students stay two to a room and four to a suite which features a small kitchenette, microwave, refrigerator and bathroom. Internet access is also provided to the dorm rooms. The site offers easy access to St. Petersburg's theatres, museums, historical landmarks, and lively nightlife. Included in the building where the program is based are a spacious cafeteria, loundry facilities, and other amenities.

    Included in the program are daily breakfast which are served in the University's dining facilities. The cafeteria staff strives to provide a balance of traditional Russian meals with the occasional American standard.  Hot lunches can be purchased at the university's cafeteria on weekdays.

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    Group and Optional Excursions

    The program includes several planned group excursions which allow you the opportunity to tour palaces, and museums and experience Russian culture.

    Excursions will include

    Moskow Excursion
    A special feature of the program is an optional three-day excursion to the capital city of Moscow. The trip begins with an overnight train ride followed by a bus tour of the city. Students discover the treasures of Red Square with guided tours of the Kremlin including its museums and churches. Moscow gives students a different perspective on Russian history and culture. A visit to the world famous Russian circus and a walking our of the city are also included. The cost for the excursion is an additional $600.

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    Apply to the Program

    Download Application Here

    Kennesaw students! Please contact your campus representative, Jan Morian, prior to paying the application fee. You can contact her at (770) 794-7629 or at .

    Pay Application Fee here (must be paid before application will be processed)

    Any full-time or part student is eligible to participate in the St.Petersburg program. Students from institutions that are not part of the University System of Georgia are admitted on a space-available basis and must enroll as transient students at a participating institution. Out of state students may also enroll as transients through any of the participating University System of Georgia Locations. Most out of state fees will be waived. A printable application form is available on this page. Just click the link to access it. Completed applications should be submitted to your European Council Representative, along with a required application fee of $200 (to be paid online) and four passport-size photographs. Applications will not be processed by the EC office until both the application form (approved by the campus representative) and the $200 application fee are received.

    For a complete list of European Council representatives contact the European Council at 229-259-2591.

    Because of space limitations, acceptance is on a first come, first served basis, according to the date of receipt of the application and application fee at the program office. Students are encouraged to apply well in advance of the application deadline to assure a place in the program. 

    The application deadline is March 1, 2013.

    Students must be in good standing in order to be admitted to the program. Completion of an application form does not guarantee acceptance into the program. Note also that individual campuses may require letters of reference or other information beyond that required by the European Council.

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    If you do not have a campus contact or are unable to obtain the information that you need, please write or call Valdosta State University, the coordinating institution for the European Council, at the following address:

    European Council

    Beverly Vantine, EC Coordinator

    Center for International Programs 

    1500 N Patterson Street

    Valdosta, Georgia 31698 

    PH: 229-259-2591 or 229-333-7410 

    FX: 229-245-3849


    Program Directors:

    Ms. Irina McClellan
    Valdosta State University


    For more information or a program booklet and application, please contact the European Council Representative from your home campus. If you are from a school that does not have a campus representative, please contact Beverly Vantine, the Coordinator of the European Council of the University System of Georgia. You may obtain more information from the European Council website.

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