Points of Pride

Honors Program Transitions To Honors College

Brett Brewer, the first president of the Honors Student Association, served as the keynote speaker for the Honors College convocation held Tuesday, Aug. 21.As the Honors Program transitions into the Honors College, there are numerous opportunities and advantages for students in selecting Valdosta State University. The Honors College is a program built on innovation and creative engagement, and is oriented in preparing students for a 21st century world. With qualities such as critical reflection, engagement, and global awareness as implicit parts of the Honors curriculum, Honors graduates are well prepared with the necessary skills to excel.

The Honors College is housed in the former home of Dr. Hugh C. Bailey, VSU's seventh president. It is the hub of activity for the Honors Student Association and a great place to relax, study, or socialize. Reade hall has also been designated as the Honors residence hall. Honors students have an opportunity to become a part of many activities, undergraduate research opportunities, and learning experiences. In addition to engaging initiatives, social benefits such as the camaraderie between Honors students are an important aspect of the Honors tradition.

The faculty also take an active role in student life not only only as instructors but as advisors and mentors as well. As Honors students bring the desire to learn and grow, the Honors faculty volunteer to work closely with them, fostering an academic relationship based on excellence and scholarship. Most importantly, Honors students serve as the model for the student body and community.

The Honors College offers interdisciplinary seminars, a special track of core curriculum courses, Honors sections in various majors, and opportunities for independent research that lead to a Certificate in University Honors. The curriculum of the College is designed to provide for the stimulation and challenge of academically motivated students so that they achieve their full academic potential, while at the same time providing recognition for such students' endeavors. The Honors College encourages connections between disciplines, interdisciplinary programs, innovative and unusual approaches to subject matter, strong undergraduate research and/or creative focus, and a reliance upon experiential learning and a global perspective that are fully integrated into the course content. The courses and seminars are designed to give all students in the Honors College a shared intellectual experience in order to develop a community of learners and to encourage a spirit of collegiality in the pursuit of knowledge, a spirit that is essential for intellectual growth and personal fulfillment.